adhesive tape in a sentence

Example sentences for adhesive tape

Peeling adhesive tape can create nanosecond bursts of x-rays.
Basically, the situation resembles detaching a piece of adhesive tape from a table.
It can always be repaired later with safety pins or adhesive tape from your toiletries kit.
The electrode has to be held in place with an adhesive tape.
When it has stopped, tightly wrap the wound dressing with adhesive tape or a piece of clean clothing.
On the plane that crashed, adhesive tape had been used to hold shut some windows and panels.
At no time should adhesive tape or similar materials, or petroleum products be used to seal connections or repair leaks.
If screw caps are used seal the cap with waterproof adhesive tape wound in the direction that tightens the cap.
If covers are detached from the body of the book, secure them with linen or white cotton non-adhesive tape.
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