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There's also minimal adhesive sticking the motherboard to other components, making a full teardown relatively easy.
Put adhesive on the outside of a weather balloon and fly it over each spire using monofilament.
Though invisible in normal light once it has hardened, this adhesive glows yellow when illuminated by a beam of ultraviolet light.
Improved attachment method for seals-harness replaced by safe adhesive patch.
Researchers say they have developed an adhesive that can stick stronger than the toes of geckos.
Following the package instructions, apply the iron-on adhesive to the back side of the yellow cotton.
The humble adhesive works to patch cracked pipes, shore up a mangled car bumper or remove lint from clothing.
Household cement is multipurpose clear adhesive sold in a tube.
Solar shingles could have a lifetime sealing adhesive on the bottom.
Dip their stems into the adhesive and poke them into the foam.
The resulting fumes should break down the letter's adhesive.
Blisters form in vinyl flooring when a small section pulls away from the adhesive on the subfloor.
It is an adhesive that gets every kind of player stuck to it.
Glue the filter to the container lid with a strong adhesive.
They travel so fast that on impact with the adhesive side, they give off radiation.
Spread adhesive around inside of each hole and insert a copper-pipe end cap.
The reaction on and alongside the road seems to vary according to where people live and how snazzy their vinyl adhesive is.
The photos have an adhesive backing, which enables them to double as stickers.
The adhesive that binds this relationship together is value infinity, perhaps the strongest bond that any two nations share.
It's an outdated map with many red and blue adhesive dots placed on various parts of the city.
It sticks onto the body using a sheet of adhesive film, and stays attached permanently.
The adhesive that secures the shield can smoke or catch fire because of excessive heat.
Turn on the adhesive pad, stick it to the wall and walk away, with no wall-disfiguring nails or screws required.
The darts lacked a certain adhesive quality, though.
Adhesive remaining from beneath the damaged flooring should be sticky enough to secure the patch.
They are adhesive pads that attach right around the back of the heel and give enough grip to keep the heel from slipping.
Some sweeps with bristles have adhesive backing to supplement the screws.
Make a ball of the tape with the adhesive facing outward.
If you plan to use wallpaper, check with the manufacturer to make sure the adhesive will stick to the primer.
He was killed when an adhesive bomb on his car detonated, the police said.
After cleaning the damaged area as described, apply the adhesive with a paint brush.
Peel-and-stick adhesive simplifies the job of mounting the receiver to the dash.
The bricks are then glued in place with adhesive applied with a caulking gun, and mortar is piped between them.
Joint compound is an adhesive filler used for joining wallboard panels.
Wrap the pliers' jaws with adhesive tape to prevent scratching finished surfaces.
The cure is to install plastic foam sheets against the inside of the tank with special adhesive.
Dishes arrive on wooden boards with a slightly adhesive waxy surface, so that artful presentations don't slide around.
It can always be repaired later with safety pins or adhesive tape from your toiletries kit.
As he does, the remains of the duct-tape adhesive give way and the rear windshield falls away from the car.
Researchers have pondered this question for decades but were unable to identify the adhesive mechanism.
The reason is that trade is a powerful social adhesive that creates political alliances.
Made from vinyl with a pressure-activated adhesive, the super-thin cover sticks to a gadget until you're ready to take it off.
Secure the benches to the floor of the van with construction or contractor's adhesive.
These movable stickers are backed with low-tack adhesive and can be cut, colored in, layered and reused without damaging surfaces.
Each adhesive-backed unit lasts about six months and can be trimmed to fit any cell-phone earpiece.
Slide the protector into place, press the center and the adhesive creeps betwixt screen and cover all by itself.
The wires are embedded in an adhesive and aligned on a plastic film.
It can be worn for extended periods without producing the irritation that often results from adhesive tapes and rigid electronics.
Currently, these sensors require a gel or an allergy-inducing adhesive.
The electrode has to be held in place with an adhesive tape.
Stick white paper to an adhesive magnetic sheet, then draw facial features with a marker.

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