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Departing radically from past ideas on adhesion, it aims to show that any two materials can be made to adhere strongly.
Solder is a mixture of tin and lead because lead alone will not "wet" or adhere well to other metals.
However, as with any thing worth doing- any idea noble enough to propagate, those who adhere to it must persist in its evangelism.
The sugar melts, caramelizes and becomes sticky, causing the soy-spice mixture to adhere beautifully to the skin of the duck.
Our transfer agreements mandate that we adhere to stringent grading policies.
Its high tensile strength is likely explained by its weblike structure and the way the fibers adhere to one another.
Simply make a wood box that you adhere to a glass plate with window cement, making an airtight seal.
This view does not require one to choose at his peril the creed to which he will adhere.
Most sports memoirs adhere to a rigid formula.
We expect our student athletes to adhere to certain standards.
Most of these works adhere to one deceptively simple requirement-the use of a single sheet of paper with no cuts or tears.
Museums aside, some private collectors flout the ethical and legal restrictions to which museums adhere.
The binder was used to dry paint and help it adhere to rocky surfaces.
We provide highly skilled mountain guides who adhere to the highest safety standards and limit group size to eight guests.
Four vinyl-coated, washable panels are easy to adhere and remove.
Some spiders have another seeming superpower: an ability to adhere to sheer surfaces, even when upside down.
Maps adhere best to indoor walls with a clean, smooth surface.
While still expected to adhere to regulations, these farms are not subject to inspection and may not meet the same standards.
Reserve a small amount of the pastry cream to spread on sides to adhere to almonds.
All applications will be reviewed to ensure they adhere to all of the submission guidelines.
As the fumes adhere to the surface, the ridges of any fingerprint left there turn white and come clearly into view.
It's when many, especially those who adhere to traditional nomadic rhythms of life, hunker down until spring.
The result-a whole lot of formulaic shows that adhere to set reality conventions.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and coat thickly with flour, having as much flour adhere to chicken as possible.
The character of the wit in this example does not adhere to the thought.
The acid produces a charge that allows the insulin to adhere through electrostatic interactions.
There's a reason scientists adhere to the scientific method.
Even the few rare diseases popularly thought to predominate among particular races seldom adhere to conventional categories.
The producers must adhere to humane-treatment standards that are stronger than those in the cattle-industry guidelines.
Lightly brush top of rolls with egg wash and immediately sprinkle with mustard seeds, pressing lightly on seeds to help adhere.
Next, the molecules that could adhere to the cancer cell were mixed with healthy cells.
There are blood coolers and ice-water baths, cold caps and water-circulating pads that adhere to the skin.
The instructions went out to our people to adhere to law.
It should adhere to e-book standards, so that electronic text is readable centuries from now.
The university has policies on what a syllabus must include, and it is not difficult to adhere to the requirements.
Authors adhere to a set of principles as structured in their own way as any computer language.
If they fail to adhere to standards, then they should be shut down.
Adhere to any formatting requirements specified in the program announcement, petty as they may sound.
Corporations rule the roost, and don't have any particular moral standard to which they adhere.
Indeed, it is able to displace water and thus adhere to surfaces in aqueous solutions.
Ask them what diet do they believe or adhere and you will be surprised.
For one thing, its ill-disciplined members might not adhere to the accords, if history is any guide.
There are exceptions, and notable ones at that, but the overwhelming majority of corporations adhere to the law.
Both are people who steadfastly adhere to a set of idealistic doctrines and are absolutely unyielding.
The moral values that business people should adhere to are universal ones, not a professional code.
Second, he asks us to believe that politicians will from now on adhere to the promises they make.
He tried to adhere to copyright laws and satisfy the music industry.
As long as they adhere to the laws, there really is no complaint.
Yet they've managed to get the bulk of their strongest supporters to adhere to the full mix of ideas.
The more porous the surface is the better the oils will adhere.
If patients do not adhere perfectly to their drug regimen, the virus rapidly eliminates its vulnerability.
Before it can slip into the target tissue, a cell exiting the bloodstream must first adhere to the vessel wall.
It is sad that you do not adhere to your own advice.
Blogs rarely have the resources to adhere to the meticulous copy standards of print journals and magazines.
The final criterion an episodic memory must adhere to is that it must be able to be deployed flexibly in new situations.
In order to avoid jet lag, try adjusting a sleep schedule to adhere to the time of the destination a few days before traveling.
Back-country techniques and ethics are practiced within the forest, and guests are asked to adhere to them.
In order to avoid jet lag, try adjusting a sleep schedule to adhere to the time of the destination.
The result was a sensor that was flexible enough to move with the skin and would adhere without adhesives.
After you obtain your fishing license, you must adhere to regulations regarding allowable means of catching fish.
The role of race and poverty in access to foods that enable individuals to adhere to dietary guidelines.
Roll breasts in mixture, pressing to make it adhere.
Run a rolling pin over the pastry to press the sugar into the dough and help it adhere.
In numerous ways, you are better off if you adhere to the existing situation.
When a student athlete signs an athletic code pledge, the student agrees to adhere to certain policies.
For any medical research to be considered ethical it must adhere to basic standards.
It needs a way to adhere electrical components to the lenses without distorting picture quality.
Moreover, they should adhere to the principle that the more outlandish or dramatic the claim, the more skepticism it warrants.
They are expected to adhere to a strict dress code and keep their room tidy.
We have to adhere to the truth, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

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