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It's not that complex, my computer just lacks adequate processing power.
When the natural supply of nutrients isn't adequate, gardeners add fertilizer to make up the difference.
The words “thank you” hardly feel adequate.
Starved of adequate food, neither brain nor body develops appropriately.
Kanawha County was purchasing an adequate number of units.
But most Americans would not consider a one-bedroom apartment adequate for a family of four.
Riggs has good bulk, but only adequate muscle development.
They also need adequate lead time to contact local media.
You can provide adequate funding to needy students by reducing admissions.
The president felt that neither was adequate, but that both had a contribution to make.
But none of these explanations is adequate to the current situation.
For many infants, the oxygen delivered by the mask is not adequate, so a tube is inserted into the trachea.
As a housing crisis has escalated in the past few years, the regime has made no effort to provide adequate public accommodation.
Many developing countries lack adequate foster-care facilities for homeless children.
Adequate provision was not made for her, she says, nor were her possessions ever returned.
They occupied cramped but adequate quarters on the lowest deck, toward the bow.
While the subjects were subsequently treated with penicillin, it's not clear if the treatment was always adequate.
My data set is not particularly adequate to my ambitions, yet.
It has to come from somewhere, but there is no source of energy anywhere near the solar system that is adequate.
Another possibility for maintaining adequate levels of proteins in the anucleate neurons is transport from other cells.
So far, they agree that the best approach is simply to build adequate containers.
One limiting factor with a peace loving species is that they don't develop adequate defenses against more aggressive types.
Statistical studies, well done and with adequate data, tell the real story.
And it's easy to find adequate protein, while simultaneously reducing fat intake.
The reason for the second is that urban vitality has always depended on an adequate concentration of people.
But one big problem remains: an adequate effort by our governments--federal and state.
The subsistence sector continues to supply adequate foodstuffs, although malnutrition is widespread.
Okay, we've eliminated people who are not intellectually adequate.
We shall face grave complications unless there is speedy and adequate legislative enactment of unemployment insurance.
The central reason why research gaps persist is a lack of adequate funding.
And for unskilled workers and the unemployed, the mandated fairness of rationing ensured adequate food.
It takes steady work to keep water clean, prevent the spread of contagious disease and ensure an adequate food supply.
To provide adequate retirement income, these accounts would require substantial contributions.
Providers of fiat-rationed goods have little incentive to innovate, or even produce adequate supplies.
As microchips get crowded with more and more components, today's cooling methods will no longer be adequate.
The design also does away with the need to wire together hundreds of cells to achieve adequate energy storage.
As for arable land, that is a function of adequate water supply which is a function of cheap energy.
It's not yet clear how many of these nerve caps patients would need for adequate control over a sophisticated artificial limb.
Also the sheer weight in the flywheel needed to store adequate energy.
Yet the building initially used too much energy, and the solar panels were not adequate.
Millions of others are underinsured, with policies that do not provide adequate coverage for costly care.
Without adequate sales, businesses are only beginning to hire again.
Whether that lightness of touch is adequate to respond to the challenge is another matter.
The real trouble with the review lies in his failure to come up with an adequate measure.
Indeed, divine intervention would then be available even as a rival to a fully adequate conventional explanation.
Deterrence has been adequate in the absence of inspectors but this is not a situation that can succeed in the long term.
Without adequate food and water they shivered in pain, muscles cramping, and fought to breathe as the blizzard howled around them.

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