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So it would seem they are concerned about adequacy on more than one level.
No lyric in all the forty masques is unforgettable, and few rise above a mediocre level of adequacy.
Nevertheless literature does get itself translated, sometimes with astonishing adequacy.
Because it gives them a fleeting sense of adequacy until they are called on or ignored.
These fees are routinely audited to ensure their adequacy.
Evaluates systems of internal controls, the adequacy of accounting records, and system design.
The adequacy of representation was one of the key points.
The public has an uncompromising commitment to adequacy.
Long run systemic risk is known in the power industry system adequacy.
For those that remain open, minimum capital-adequacy requirements have been doubled.
It is possible to complain about the adequacy of this way of fixing the poverty line, but let's leave it alone.
The acting occasionally rises to the level of adequacy.
The adequacy, or lack thereof, of this concept is a discussion worth having.
The adequacy with which the profession does that is in some way related to the quantum of money available to do it.
Under current law, the agencies also have a major effect on capital adequacy requirements.
Gone unregulated, firms can develop enormous exposures without the capital adequacy to back them.
But then there are subjects that fairly prohibit adequacy.
But a deeper question concerns the adequacy of utilitarianism itself.

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