adeptness in a sentence

Example sentences for adeptness

The value he's added for his employers is his adeptness at gaming the system.
The ancient brain centers for emotion also harbor the skills needed for managing ourselves effectively and for social adeptness.
Knowledge of essential life skills, problem solving skills, academic adeptness.
What is particularly worrisome about the microbe is its adeptness at developing drug resistance.
Work typically involves moderate physical activity, adeptness and speed in the use of fingers and hands in signing.
The students demonstrated their adeptness with sampling, identifying species, and using microscopes.
The writing program emphasizes the learning of essential skills: the writing process, editing adeptness, and research competence.
The staff are convinced of the importance of the utilization of attorneys who show adeptness in trying condemnation cases.
Knowledge of finding sources and adeptness in addressing funding issues are also necessary.
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