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Indeed, the human brain is more adept at comparing lengths than areas.
She is also a shrewd consensus builder, adept at winning local support.
The priestly king Numa passed for an adept in the art of drawing down lightning from the sky.
Daily training at these schools was focused on becoming adept in the use of the sword, bow and arrow, spear and tonki.
He became so adept with the brush that his paintings show more spontaneity than most of his contemporaries.
Everyone else was more popular, more socially adept, than I'd ever been.
He is adept at both the bold generalization and the nice distinction.
That might prove to be key, as oldsters are adept at using a regular pushbutton phone.
One of America's most lucid critics of poetry, uniquely adept at close reading, she is also among the genre's great advocates.
Alice is particularly adept at making technology work for her.
By a communication, an adept may answer, with the world of spirits.
On a cooking level, brisket is a perfect culinary blank canvas, adept at adapting to everything you rub on or throw in.
The country's machine politics are famously adept at co-opting uprisings.
First, with regard to subsoil resources, the world becomes ever more adept at discovering new reserves and exploiting old ones.
Few societies would be as adept at handling these events with as much social cohesion.
While her books are not overly descriptive, they are adept in conveying sense of place.
People are adept at interpreting local signs to find the next move needed.
And people are extraordinarily adept at picking them up.
It seems to be the perfect fit of author and subject: two chic blondes adept at understanding image and how to manipulate it.
The brand, actually, has become pretty adept at coming up with wraps that celebrate various holidays.
As for apes, they would hardly make headlines any more if they were found to be adept at composing limericks.
Their downfall suggests that hedging at the highest levels is not as adept as it might be.
Officials are adept at finding reasons for postponement and in providing useful sinecures to their political backers.
Flexible small firms are proving adept at using seismic and other data to test curious hydrocarbon deposits all over the place.
Dogs, those self-domesticated wolves, are adept at manipulating their chosen companions.
It captures the essence of a creed that so often decries change, but has proved remarkably adept at surviving it.
The government, previously adept at public relations, has floundered in its response.
She sees herself more as a guerrilla, adept in the arts of asymmetric warfare.
Emerging-market companies are particularly adept at adding the human touch.
Clearly, the providers have not been particularly adept at articulating what the cloud is good for and what it is not.
The authors expect these social networks to grow far more adept at fostering connections between people with similar interests.
Moreover, though even the nastiest leaders now feel obliged to hold elections, they are also getting more adept at fixing them.
Though it makes choices in largely random fashion, the computer is surprisingly adept at editing together a pretty good movie.
Modern economies, it turns out, are adept at rebuilding and are often startlingly resilient.
The intention is to become so adept that the movements recede in one's awareness and can be performed without reflection.
His rise and reign coincided with the emergence of the technologically adept and brand-conscious athlete.
As a reviewer, he is as adept at unwrapping cinematic artistry and expertise as he is at dissecting mediocrity and claptrap.
To get to the richness of studying literature, for example, you must first be an adept and confident reader.
Octopuses, as it turns out, are adept at all of the above.
Present day orangutan and spider monkeys have the same angle as humans yet are extremely adept tree climbers.
Cyber criminals are a slippery bunch, adept at covering their digital fingerprints to stay one step ahead of the law.
If indeed the plants have evolved mechanisms to harvest wind energy, then there could be some plants that are more adept at it.
As a scientist, this credibility gap negatively taints our work to the population of non science adept readership.
They have extraordinary reasoning abilities for problem solving, and they are extremely adept at recognition and memory.
The human body is remarkably adept at healing itself.
Natural entertainers and adept hunters, they follow in the footsteps of polar bears.
Scientists already know that humans have areas of the brain that are adept at face processing.
If you need to make longer hauls, local air carriers are adept at dealing with travelers and generally keep a tight schedule.
Bats, meanwhile, are adept at living in attics and under loose shingles.
More than a hundred teeth jut from narrow jaws that must have been adept at snagging fish.
It was humbling to see how adept they were out there.
Twitter proves equally adept at removing you from the social conversation, too.
We grew adept at killing fires, especially small ones.
The cowboys are as adept on motorbikes as their ancestors were on horseback.
Others were socially adept but were unprepared cognitively.
Being an adept communicator is important in any job, but it is particularly so for expatriates.
Both students and colleges have become fairly adept in sorting through the maze and matching up with one another.
The balancing act is exceedingly difficult and requires adept leadership.
Many people, even the socially adept, interrupt to crack jokes.
The slower students typically proofread one paper, and those who are adept at grammar and writing edit two to three papers.
Bullies survive because they are adept at not crossing lines that will land them in actual legal or disciplinary trouble.
Software developers have become adept at the difficult art of building reasonably reliable systems out of unreliable parts.
Viruses are used to deliver gene therapies because they are adept at getting through cell walls.
And millions of those people have become more adept at using them than have the people who run the heretofore public world.
He was becoming adept at spotting and conveying the visual evidence that gets the message across.
Plenty of contemporary humans are more physically adept in trees than on the ground.
Psychologists have found that teenagers are about as adept as adults at recognizing the risks of dangerous behavior.
The adult beetle has a more varied diet but it's no less adept at hunting amphibians.
But the beetle has invaded other continents, where bees are less adept at getting rid of them.
It takes an astute mind to explain it, and one equally adept to comprehend it.
Chimpanzees also have peculiar adaptations in their feet that make them particularly adept in trees.
Human beings have been evolutionarily selected to be adept at dealing with change itself.
Creationists are rather adept at using it, and have adapted it for use on a blog.
We humans are quite adept at extending the boundaries of human fitness.
Industry is quite adept at taking care of the last two stages.
Prosecutors are adept at using psychological pressure, but physical torture is said to be getting rarer.
They are adept climbers, and use trees to escape enemies.
As adept swimmers, penguins spend a lot of time in the water.
They have to become hunters adept at tracking the consumer prey.
In less adept hands, this technique could easily seem affected.
The industry has proved more adept than tax lawyers at finding loopholes in the law.

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