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Example sentences for addressing

Yet he can barely keep from addressing each and every face.
After addressing and posting it a second time it was again returned to him, this time without a stamp.
The manifold application of the same words in addressing and answering surely comes under the heading of economy.
She has been a speaker at regional and national higher-education meetings, addressing trends in professional education.
It will include courses addressing material and disciplines from across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
Universities should stop complaining about declining subsidies until they start addressing their own contribution to the problem.
One of the first mistakes applicants make is not addressing their cover letter to anyone in particular.
Governments have limited resources for addressing the world's economic challenges.
One answer is the indirect benefit that investors derive from addressing the economic risks of global warming.
Twitter announced technology last week addressing the same topic.
But they also emphasize primary care and preventive care, addressing diseases and problems before they become major.
Live event and radio broadcast, this time addressing the issues of rising population and the future of exploration.
Then, without warning, she abandoned her chair for the carpet and began addressing the dogs themselves from her knees.
Writer tells about scaring an obviously already-scared couple by addressing them cheerily.
In theory, the world has already committed itself to addressing global warming.
And second, as soon as the stimulus package was completed, they pivoted too quickly to addressing climate change and health care.
Most federal agencies in some way engage the private sector in addressing their priorities.
Both recalls were seen by the public and media as addressing unintended acceleration.
The plan is quite good in recognizing that, and in addressing issues beyond the physical network.
The first step to addressing this problem, whether within our control or not is to drop the bull and make power in the proper way.
Science literacy will play a vital role in addressing major national challenges such as formulating energy policy.
It took decades for fisheries management to evolve from treating symptoms to addressing the root cause of overfishing.
So far this thread is addressing only part of the problem.
If it was even worth addressing we'd be contemplating how to develop hardware right now.
Simply providing aid in crisis, without addressing the fundamentals underlying such crisis, is actually exacerbating the problem.
If they wait for economic proof before addressing climate change, valuable options around adapting to storms will slip their grip.
What they did not want to see was the alternative strategy emerge of addressing the global killer threat at source.
Addressing these issues will be a balancing act, the report says.
So the fundamental principle in self-control is addressing the deeper issues of our personal value system.
It is wonderful that scientists are addressing the causal agents of this marked increase of autism.
It is addressing gender reporting of chronic conditions.
Addressing the rumor at this stage, he and others felt, merely appeared to legitimize it.
The fact that no one else was addressing the problem in a sustainable way focused us on the problem.
It could also allow optical addressing of autonomous, wireless sensors.
Since then, a lot of work has gone into addressing less-than-perfect conditions.
Learn how robotics are moving the life sciences field forward and addressing some major challenges for the military.
Bringing down food prices requires addressing these problems as well.
Other manufacturers are also working on addressing the concerns with polymer-coated stents.
By addressing itself to a different problem, with the intention of making a different point.
And if this method works, it could make stem cells a potent tool for addressing heart disease.
One way of addressing the problem is to bring back native species wherever possible.
Knowing that bacteria are using multiple strategies to dodge drugs suggests new possibilities for addressing it.
Addressing these concerns in these current technologies will allow for further progress within artificial liver research disease.
But it provides an utterly different context for addressing the question.
Heritability is addressing the population level correlation between phenotypic variation and genotypic variation.
Other companies here were addressing it relentlessly.
The panelists are talking about the subject without addressing these details which are to be kept secret.
Building a productive team can begin by setting clear expectations and addressing failure to meet those expectations.

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