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Peat, another additive in many fertilizers, could actually contribute to global warming.
They can also serve as a beneficial additive to gardens and compost piles.
It is also used as an additive in unleaded gasoline.
So, an additive was put it in to try to disrupt that behavior.
Some studies show improved behavior among children placed on additive-free diets.
Machines act multiplicatively on labor while labor is only additive.
It is suspect as an additive source of lung-irritating particulates and cloud-forming haze.
Those who ate the additive that was harder to break down also reported that they felt fuller after the meal, the study says.
For stature, the additive variance is spread across too many loci for this model to be plausible.
These plots are measuring narrow sense heritability, which is the additive genetic variance over the phenotypic variance.
The way to think of this is as an additive process, with the larger object entirely in control of the addition.
That's strongly indicative of marginal additive genetic variance effecting mate choice.
Toxins that share toxic mechanisms are almost always additive and frequently synergistic in their toxicity.
The compounds are used in many solvents and also could be used as an additive to make gasoline burn more efficiently.
It is already widely used as a gelling agent and a food additive.
Motor manufacturers have severe biofuel additive limits on their warranties.
You're adding an anti-foaming additive, a dispersant and a detergent.
It is not additive mathematics, more multiplicative.
Once a food additive is approved, any manufacturer of food or food packaging may use the food additive.
Plus, it does not mean vaccines plus some additive in food, plus who knows what else in combination does it.
It is already being used as a fuel additive-to help gasoline burn more completely and, thus, cut down on air pollution.
It is not on ventilation changes that can help that but also sometimes that is a needed additive.
Drop subsidies for corn ethanol and it would disappear, except as an anti-knock additive, within a year.
She goes on to cite the safety concerns of medical experts regarding the additive.
Additive claims to be the boss of sugar, benefiting diabetics.
Additive claims to be the boss of sugar, benefiting.
Cholesterol-fighting additive envisioned for snacks.

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