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These reductions will be in addition to the loss of tens of thousands of other temporary jobs created to process dud mortgages.
In addition, the excess heat from the process can then be used to pre-heat water for conversion to steam for spinning turbines.
In addition to welcoming summer, there is a scientific reason for all the excitement surrounding this day.
In addition to being used as mixing bowls, the abalone shells served as storage containers.
Bright colors and dramatic forms make dahlias an exciting addition to the summer border.
If you've got kids who are working on addition skills, they may enjoy this one.
In addition to light, the sun radiates heat and a steady stream of charged particles known as the solar wind.
But the addition of water still made the mixture firmer.
In addition they offer year-round programming for residents, school groups, community groups and tourists.
Cut into halves for a beautiful addition to this simple dessert.
The iBar is an essential addition to any lush's repertoire that may already include beer robots and wine braziers.
But the addition of these two to the repertoire is important for two reasons.
In addition to keeping you physically fit, exercise may protect your brain, according to a new study.
In addition to its renowned collection, the museum presents temporary exhibitions and diverse public and education programs.
The second time around, the couple carried details from the addition throughout the home.
In addition to capturing amazing images of the phytoplankton blooms, satellite data is one of the only ways to study them.
The fire hydrant of the future will have a new mission in addition to fighting fires.
Frozen watermelon is the perfect addition to a summer cooler.
For that reason, the event also served as a focus group and sales pitch in addition to giving blind people confidence in cars.
In addition to hormones, there are other chemicals that can be used to regulate gene expression.
In addition to the historic house, four special exhibitions are on view.
There was even room to insert a stairway to the second-floor addition without expanding beyond the house's original footprint.
Each color rod represents a different length, and they are used to help elementary students master simple addition and fractions.
In addition to minimizing travel, here are some of the umpire constraints.
And in addition to social models and new gadgets, creative techies are focusing on how to make our lives greener and healthier.
Another aspect of the tertiary structure of the protein is addition of small molecules to the chain.
Give this breakfast staple a makeover with the addition of freshly toasted, aromatic hazelnuts.
Yet this extraordinary molecule has other uses in addition to those of biochemistry.
Pasta and chicken get a burst of color and flavor from the addition of in-season greens.
In addition to triggering life-threatening cardiovascular episodes, cocaine can be deadly in another way.
This, in addition to their natural lankiness and size, makes them difficult to place in garden.
Known for their intense, luscious fragrance, tuberose is a welcome addition to the summer garden.
Each high-quality poster is gorgeous and is sure to be a welcome addition to any room or office.
But the addition of a water lily-filled pond turns the space into a genuine oasis.
The restaurant is a fine addition to the borough's now-sprawling call-for-reservations dining scene.
And, in addition to its high citric-acid content, lime juice has a second attractive feature: it literally grows on trees.
In addition to carrying-capacity limitations, the physical environment often imposes significant costs on human society.
The addition to its menu is the biggest diversification ever attempted by the burger giant.
The addition of a second blade necessitated extra space for the spring, which also opened up more room for other tools.
In addition to making existing synapses more robust, learning causes the brain to grow larger.
In addition to being immune-deficient, the mice also carried a genetic defect that leads to production of a liver toxin.
Thanks to its indoor-outdoor connection and wealth of amenities, the courtyard has become a much-used addition to the home.
Originally, he meant to build a research practice in addition to caring for patients.
In addition to color control, many of the squid can produce light and control its intensity.
In addition to fertilizers, the other primary culprit is the consumption of fossil fuels.
Some authors send us an outline in addition to their letter but that is generally not required.
However, it would be greatly improved with the addition of a few photos.
In addition, the director supports initiatives that provide resources and information for parents of these students.
Buildings simply are too small to shelve every book acquired in the past in addition to new publications.
In addition, you may have to consider whether or not to take on formal residency status in the host country.
In addition, as of next year, manuscripts must be submitted through a new electronic-management system instead of by e-mail.
Those penalties are in addition to several sanctions the university has already imposed upon itself.
In addition to senior faculty, mid-level faculty will be considered.
In addition, the successful candidate will be fingerprinted and a background check performed.
And there's always the option of doing some free-lance consulting in addition to holding an academic position.
If you're a student, they make a vital addition to your campus survival kit.
It will update professionals with the latest industry trends in addition to letting van owners share best practices.
In addition, a planet has to dominate the neighborhood around its orbit.
In addition, the swallows are not living as long and are not breeding as successfully as their distant counterparts.
In addition, it negatively impacts ecosystems by damaging vegetation.
In addition, there are thousands of small bodies such as asteroids and comets.
In addition to the top and bottom eyelids, there's a mostly transparent lid that cleans the eye and protects it when underwater.
In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of smaller objects in space.
In addition, polar temperatures are relatively moderate.
In addition, breastplates forced quick, shallow breaths.
In addition, the cost of capital is increasing due to this combination of increased demand and reduced supply.
In addition, they take into account the number of public wireless hot spots in each city.
In addition, the results indicate that males may be more susceptible than females to age-related cognitive decline.
In addition, it is active in the brain's reward system and helps mediate the rewards brought on by gambling.
In addition, climate impacts on frogs, toads and salamanders are well-understood.
The upshot of all this is that gravity, in addition to pulling things in, stretches and compresses them too.
In addition, he says, they signal the hypothalamus to kick into action.
In addition, even irritating family members often provide support and warmth you cannot afford to give up.
In addition, more of us than ever are clinically depressed.
In addition, three of the four neurochemicals with which the crickets were dosed had no effect on cricket aggression.
In addition, the ministry of antiquities may be downgraded from a cabinet-level agency.
In addition to its bold markings, the panda has a larger and rounder head than any other bear.
In addition, the exhibition will include a selection of drawings, integral to the artist's method and rarely seen in this country.
In addition, children do not blindly imitate adults of the same gender.
In addition, those of you who are saying this is wrong.
In addition, the sedentary birds may breed with the migrating population less often.
In addition to the exhibition, there is also an illustrated companion book and a comprehensive online version of the exhibition.
In addition, few people realized that the quagga was distinct from other zebras and needed protection.
There was an addition on the back, and the walls were patched with newspapers and magazines to keep out drafts.
In addition, the hamsters have lost much of their traditional habitat due to urbanization.
To the rear, a lower-floor bedroom addition created the platform for the roof deck.
In addition the vagus is believed to contain secretory fibers to the stomach and pancreas.
In addition the cerebral cortex is concerned with conscious life.
The noblest character is stained by the addition of pride.
There is, in addition, the usual digression and comic interlude.
In addition to these there are sometimes present an ascending and a descending mesocolon.
Even the addition of many new ones has produced no jarring.
Probably, other personal references were intended in addition to those indicated, but they are not discernible now.
In addition the joints between the individual cartilages are provided with ligaments.
In addition, deregulation provided things that voters wanted, such as cheap loans.
In addition, there is evidence that social ills grow as inequality widens.
In addition, some developing countries had good harvests of products that are mainly consumed domestically.
In addition, whereas the prices of many products are falling, workers grow ever more costly.
In addition, the showrooms help people understand how these new products work.
In addition, they may push up borrowing costs and slow economic growth.
In addition to the tens of thousands of would-be students, there is an ample supply of qualified instructors.
In addition, in the private sector, management bonuses help motivate management to appropriately limit salaries.
In addition, each profile had a photo which showed whether the team-mate was slim or fat.
In addition, economic uncertainty will undermine consumer confidence.
In addition to taking photos of clouds, satellites used radiometers to measure infrared radiation emitted by clouds.
In addition to its mandatory work-study program, the college is known for its high faculty-student ratio.
Weaving parking spaces through the addition helped bulk up the commanding new structure.
In addition, many drugs' negative effects don't show themselves for years.
In addition to their use as blood-suckers, leech saliva serves as a powerful anti-coagulant.
In addition, don't forget, there is the nine-per-cent sales tax.
In addition, his use of the endpapers seemed a statement about impermanence.
Perhaps it was the addition and removal of certain players on the bench.
My intention is certainly to continue to have lots of guest bloggers over there, in addition to myself.
In addition, it is now known that two-thirds of gray squirrels are silent carriers of a viral skin disease fatal to red squirrels.
In addition, her faltering heart and lungs were bound to give out in a matter of days.
In addition to these two growth spurts, the researchers suggest, olfaction led to a third set of changes in the mammal brain.
The addition of live video conferencing is a huge benefit too.
They then reintroduced each rat's cells-now with the peanut-protein addition-into its blood stream.
In addition, the body breaks down and changes morphine, which complicates the task.
Foreign workers are but the latest addition to this already diverse melting pot.
We make updates only when someone lets us know about an addition, change, or correction.
In addition, if his approval rating drops much further, he could easily face opposition within his own party.
Toss garbanzo or kidney beans into salads for an earthy, nutritious addition.
And in addition to being beautiful, she's smart and funny.
In addition, he had little understanding or knowledge of the trading side of the business.
In addition he used a six-mm drill bit to remove more cartilage.
With the final addition of the ghost of the twin who died last week, the nuclear family is complete.
Surveying stakes are visible on the lawn outlining an addition that will house her collection of decorative objects.
In addition, there are four bars, four pool halls and possible plans for a brothel.
In addition, other packages of debt obligations based on consumer debt or equipment purchases were looking less reliable.
In addition to its fidelity to the literal thrust of the poems, his bilingual edition has other merits to recommend it.
In addition, they believed that the safeguards they introduced against public sector imbalances were adequate.
In addition, mortgage relief would benefit the wider economy.
The addition of chocolate adds a surprising sweet twist to this protein-packed bowl of pinto beans and kale.
Red wine reduction is a simple yet sultry addition to the caramel that enrobes these apples.
Southern countries prefer the red kind, that is, with the addition of beets.
Happily, the roaming, tweeting truck does a mean night service in addition to lunch.
It resembles a large beach pebble and is a thoroughly handsome addition to salads.
In addition to asking dozens of customers for their opinions, it also asked them to wear a portable stress sensor while they ate.
In addition, these changes in wave size occurred more rapidly in the meditators.
The anode contains, in addition to nickel oxide, a small amount of the rare element scandium.
In addition, they found that the fungus produces an enzyme that can help further break down those molecules.
In addition, when a file is saved, it's immediately saved to flash memory.
In addition, it should not be fooled by still photographs.
In addition, the electricity option would be twice as effective at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.
What makes this possible is the addition of buffer layers between the semiconductor layers.
The company's next steps include adapting the device for aiding movement of the wrist and hand, in addition to the elbow.
We may need geoengineering, then, in addition to fast cuts in emissions.
In addition to the pipe tethered to the balloon, airplanes and rockets could be used to deploy the particles.
In addition to improving interactions, this emotional logic should also help intelligent agents carrying out noninteractive tasks.
In addition to changing colors more rapidly, the material also covers a much wider color spectrum.
In addition to the efficiency gains of the engine itself, extra modules can be deactivated when they aren't needed.
In addition, our estimates depend on our line-by-line reading of the specific legislative language.
In addition, he is taking some difficult courses and expects that several hours of study will be needed each night.

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