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We reduced the boiling water to a simmer and began adding the ingredients.
Some researchers have tried adding calcium back into the forests to speed recovery.
The clay is dried and strengthened by adding finely pulverized pottery shards before pots are shaped, painted and fired.
She is considering adding a donkey to her household.
Adding external speakers allows pedestrians to hear the noise too.
The manufacturers were adding methanol, a toxic industrial alcohol, to the mix.
It has no way of adding the extra matter needed to provide the extra density.
To keep the yuan down, the central bank will end up adding more dollars to its stockpile, not fewer.
However, adding other negative factors such as poor governance and corruption matters are further complicated.
And foreclosures intensify house-price falls by adding to the stock of unsold houses.
During the boom years, adding places was affordable.
The same article also suggested adding a small value to the empty cells.
It was encouraging to learn that you expect your enrollment will warrant adding a one-year position for next fall.
Economics enrollments keep growing, and adding more faculty members to the department seems to only increase the demand.
My problem is that my advisor insists upon adding a negative line in my recommendation letter about my lack of success.
And then, around the middle of the past century, people began adding guys to make you guys.
Architecture has been defined in terms of one activity, and that activity is adding to the world.
She can pick from a full color palette, adding color to any number of slightly animated scenes.
New strategies expose liars by adding to the load.
Try adding extra structural elements to your designs.
If the food is not in liquid form, crush it or dissolve it in a small amount of water before adding it to the indicator solution.
Because adding used the same brain circuits as when eyes moved right.
However, the impact to land surface area loss of adding to ocean water volumes is highly dependent on surface topography.
Recycling plants often make recycled paper stronger by adding some new pulp to each batch.
Genetic testing will expand quickly and soon, adding highly targeted data to people's medical records.
Adding more fertilizer doesn't make the land more produce more and better plants, it's not enough.
His solution was to create a pseudo-espresso of sorts by adding significantly less hot water to the pouch than was directed.
Adding to its flexibility were thin metal wires interconnecting the pixels that buckled but didn't break when compressed.
One of the challenges is adding things to the basic mix that have sugar in them.
Long-term stress can cause changes in the brain that keep adding signal noise, even when not appropriate.
But instead of adding phosphorus to the cultures to help the bugs grow, they added varying levels of arsenic.
But humans have been adding to the gases that help trap this heat.
Adding renewable energy to the grid and making it more reliable means adding new transmission lines.
Rather than adding to sea-level rise, however, they have counteracted it by storing more water on land.
We're stepping on the accelerator by adding greenhouse gases to the climate and increasing heat energy in the system.
The idea is to avoid adding more plastic into the environment and instead harness a wasted resource and find smarter uses for it.
Kelp is one of the world's fastest-growing plants, with some species adding up to a foot per day.
The modern touch of adding beer to the meat mixture adds zest to the meat mixture.
Some cranes preen themselves by adding mud to their feathers and thus taking on a temporary brown hue.
Do not crowd the skillet by adding too many at once.
Adding even more color to these rugged mountains are the people who live in and around the little burgs along the route.
Then start adding people, one by one, in around them.
And pill users who dispose of unused pills down the sink could be adding to the problem.
Semiconductor-grade silicon must be ultrapure before doping, or adding tiny amounts of impurities to change its conductivity.
Forced to focus on a single thing the mind rebels, whereas adding another element somehow focuses it.
To us, adding stuff to beer makes it worse more often than not.
It is adding twenty-four reactors and quadrupling its nuclear-power capacity in the coming decade to some forty gigawatts.
Fed up with the bureaucracy, he simply instructed his staff to take them out, adding precious workspace.
Then adding the nuclear crisis on top it would strain any system.
But dividing up the color spectrum prevented them from adding more disciplines later.
The drum language must resolve the ambiguity of the individual words by adding more words.
Her letters were often left unopened, and certainly unanswered, adding to her sense of submission.
The movie seems to me powerful and the book complements it, adding useful explanations.
Science progresses by adding new data to an ever-growing picture.
But now the scientific facts themselves are adding to the legends.
She said she had, adding that it had been there for several months.
Occasionally, a neutrino will collide with an atom, adding to your radiation dose.
Adding such statements to the system as further axioms does no good.
Researchers say adding an antireflective surface, which exists in the hornet's exoskeleton, could improve that performance.
So the tree of life is adding a lot of detail, and it's also getting a time line.
But after adding up all the potential sources of dark matter and ordinary matter, astronomers still come up two-thirds short.
Adding bandwidth capacity would be a little too late, and cost too much.
Adding a krak-oo to the end of the boom pair changes its meaning.
Some are adding accelerating molecules to the mix, while others are changing the environment that they grow the cells in.
He was perpetually adding clarifications, correcting typographical errors, removing arguments that he no longer liked.
There are a million applications for a heavy lifter that can be sold as practical reasons for adding some near term funds.
Personal genomics is adding a new twist, but the general problem is as old as human systematics.
However, over multiple episodes the show does a good job of disproving stereotypes and adding dimension to the characters.
Since toilet leaks are generally silent, check for them regularly by removing the tank cover and adding food coloring.
One of the best uses of heating degree days is to measure the value of changes, such as adding more insulation.
For common names, narrow the search by adding a location, profession or interests.
Adding more cores to a computer makes it faster, but it also makes it tricky to program.
Video companies are adding news features to make viewers stick around longer.
Adding sensors to smartphones turns them into always-on recorders of medically significant information.
The sheets were made into transistors by laying them onto a silicon wafer and adding gold electrical connections.
Adding solar power to natural gas plants isn't a new idea, but it hasn't been economical without government subsidies.
Adding spatial data to the information that apps already gather will allow for new forms of data mining.
Similarly, adding nitrogen to a semiconductor such as gallium arsenide phosphide will also give a multi-band semiconductor.
Some developers are considering adding equipment to existing ethanol plants for processing this corn-grain cellulose.
Many carmakers see a big opportunity in adding new functionality to the computers built into many models.
The online encyclopedia is suddenly adding fewer articles and has fewer editors.
Two new players in the market are adding yoga travel bags and ergonomic mats to their roster of products.
Candidate's reform talk may be adding insult to injury reform.
There are no rehearsals, adding a certain sense of unpredictability.
Try installing crown molding about six inches lower than the ceiling, then adding rope lighting inside.

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