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He spent the next two decades in and out of prison as he battled drug addiction and his own demons.
The thrill of gambling and the consequent addiction comes from the adrenaline rush of trying to extricate yourself from danger.
New findings reveal that cigarette addiction can arise astonishingly fast.
Drug addiction exacts a variety of ill effects on a user's health.
Smokers who sustain damage to the part of the brain called the insula have their addiction to nicotine virtually vanish.
Properly used, painkillers don't lead to addiction .
Alcohol addiction is a horrible disease that destroys lives.
Addicts have to confront their addiction and most of all their denial.
Near misses could heighten gambling addiction.
Dopamine has been implicated in other addiction studies.
Continuing research could shed light on addiction and compulsive behavior.
His exuberance and boyish projection of triumph led to an addiction to taking aim from afar and wasting ammunition.
Those who have come through addiction and have conquered it and are now helping others.
Her condition was worsened by depression and an addiction to laudanum, an opiate.
Many studies have drawn the connection between excessive food intake and addiction in both animal models and humans.
Doctors can even show older children with the disorder the research on their higher risk for addiction.
In neurobiological terms, binge eating is not dissimilar to drug addiction.
Our centuries-long addiction to fossil fuels has wreaked havoc on our planet.
The extreme euphoria induced by the drug has a reinforcing effect on users, addiction experts say.
Maybe total removal for one day will help her to realise the extent of her addiction.
It's a real addiction, no different than alcohol or pills.
Some people have a preoccupation with their job that may cross the line into addiction.
There was also something about what might have been addiction, and that's a chronically ruinous thing.
Many suffer from mental illnesses, drug addiction, or both.
It is an audio-visual, multimedia show demonstrating the dangers of drug addiction.
They were rarely given a thorough evaluation for addiction, mental illness, or other typical afflictions.
We can interpret that as addiction, or as simple necessity.
Heavy drinking has always been a problem, and now dope addiction has become alarmingly widespread.
If naysayers finally believe it, the discovery could boost pain and addiction research.
Addiction only becomes obvious when patients can't get medication.
Use of these drugs is not recommended because it simply shifts addiction from one substance to another.
The question of drug addiction is no such question as that of liquor addiction, and should not be gone at in the same way.
His general air of disengagement was maintained in mid-career by heroin addiction.
They convert a stylistic virtue into a vice, then lock us up in an addiction.
The faces of addiction come in every color and gender.
Medical researchers are working on new kinds of vaccines that could cure everything from diabetes to nicotine addiction.
Addiction is another kind of pathological remembering, but in this case the memory is pleasurable.
Reducing fear has implications for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and addiction.
New research is fundamentally changing our understanding of both addiction and recovery.
Innovative solar, wind, and hydro projects will be the key to surviving our addiction to energy.
But addiction can also inflict misery on the families and especially the children of any addict, and involves wider social costs.
Most suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness or both.
Drug firms have been researching vaccines for everything from addiction to cancer.
Many at the conference likened it to the tortuous process of conquering addiction.
Instead, it offers a meditation on mankind's addiction to state violence.
Let's make you feel good about your addiction and inaction.
Rather, they suffer from a gambling compulsion-a ruinous addiction to risk.
Already, some fragile families are offered intensive support and help with problems such as alcohol or drug addiction.
He was tough enough to kick a five-year drug-and-alcohol addiction.
These days he is comfortable talking about how that period has a role in the etiology of his history with addiction.
Psychiatrists are careful to distinguish between addiction and dependence.
If you're still in denial, think seriously about what you can do to face your addiction.
Making fun of meth culture is our way of taking a jab at the effects meth addiction has had on us and our friends.

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