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Most people who experiment with drugs, then, do not become addicted.
And for riders addicted to the rush of pant-flapping velocity, there is no alternative choice.
And, severely addicted people on certain narcotics not only need help in getting off their addiction.
If you can't stop ordering dopamine, you're probably addicted.
How rare such places have become in a society addicted to quick fixes, executive summaries, and idiot's guides.
The lifelong teetotaller and anti-smoker was addicted to sleeping pills.
And for snowboarders addicted to the sounds of jacket-flapping velocity, there is no other option.
First, treatment seekers may be more severely addicted than self-changers.
And as drug use rises in society, they added, the number of addicted nurses is probably increasing.
Though readers might feel addicted to their blogs, participants in the study did not report feeling overloaded.
Governments are addicted to debt, consumers addicted to cheap goods.
And for snowboarders addicted to the sound of jacket-flapping speed, there is no alternative.
Most users do not become addicted, while a minority do become addicted.
But odds are good that you'll get addicted to exploring each level carefully to find all the cleverly buried treasure.
Addicted prisoners cause problems outside the walls.
So, the small problem is that she is addicted to producing such drivel.
His sentence was ordered to be reconsidered after it was found that the judge was addicted to marijuana at the time.
It won't be easy for a world addicted to fossil fuels to limit emissions.
Addicted folks are celebrating and having a good time in their mind.
Eventually you lose contact with everyone who isn't also addicted to it.
Many of those arrested are heavily addicted to the smokable form of cocaine and commit crimes to support their habits.
And for boarders addicted to the sounds of pant-flapping velocity, there is no alternative.
Addicted zebrafish recruited in fight against smoking.
And for snowboarders addicted to the sound of pant-flapping velocity, there is no alternative.
They become addicted to brilliant light and uncluttered horizons.
The author must need be too addicted to oil to see that possibility.
If you take opioids as prescribed you will become addicted.
And for riders addicted to the sounds of pant-flapping speed, there is no alternative.
If you give the dog attention all the time, he learns to become addicted to it.
The primary problem mentioned in the article: we're addicted to our gadgets.
Sheen at the moment: he is addicted to explaining himself on the air.
Often addicted to drugs, they tend to be unable to cope with life either inside prison or outside.
They become addicted to the rush of endorphins released by the starving body.
Better they return well-adjusted rather than hardened and still addicted.
Nicotine addicted alcoholic reproduces in the usual manner.
We may as well be comfortable and peaceful while being addicted.
It is possible to become addicted to characters in a book though.
The chemical is replaced by vegetable lecithin and when ingested disallows one to get addicted.
Thus the parlous state of modeling and the concomitant need for modesty among those addicted to central planning.
The world is addicted to oil, and the race is on to find new sources.
He was afraid he would become addicted to it, and didn't want to be the only one.
Methadone can help opiate-addicted inmates recover, and many countries have embraced it.
Still, the addicted find deep cultural significance in their drug of choice.
Many prescription medications affect cognitive abilities, even if you are not addicted to them.
It's probably not for anyone not addicted to their music and life and style, but it's crack for a few.
That's what drugs are for, and that's why people become addicted to them.
All of this technology is great, but we've become addicted to it.
They know nothing else and become addicted to sweet and fat food.
The solution is less drugs, and less people that are addicted to negative lifestyles.
What is amazing is that no one appears to realize that during this same study period, the rise in babies born addicted to crack.
They will be more than happy to sell you plenty of books once they have you addicted.
Face it, our world, is addicted to burning cheap energy.
People tend to over indulge in this drug hence eventually get addicted to it to escape from pain and boredom.
The government has become addicted to money for monies sake and has totally lost the ability to deliver value.
Nonetheless, she herself became addicted to cocaine and was never able to break the habit for more than a few weeks.
She was always behind a closed door-the fate of those addicted to whatever.
Born drug-addicted, premature and underweight, she's gone through life dealing with unpredictable medical issues.
Lily remains a dedicated narcissist, addicted to face-lifts and a number of self-gratifying social causes.
Few will agree with him, for though he abounds in excellent satirical devices he is addicted to repeating them.
Truly addicted solvers choose from the dozens of books available, and do the puzzles obsessively, one after another.
Addicted gamblers and drinkers bring misery to themselves and their families.
And no industry was more addicted to leverage than finance.
Our economy is addicted to oil, but it's necessary to innovate to develop alternative energy.
And now we're totally addicted to their disease-causing products.
She is addicted to travel and does not plan to recover from it because it is the best form of education she has ever received.
Patients addicted to opiates and requiring replacement treatment.

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