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The collection of souvenir spoons in the jewelry stores has recently had two new ones added to its number.
Having well polished the whole bow, he added a golden tip.
Here was the nucleus upon which, in all probability, all later collections-and there was not much to be added to it-were founded.
Not only is it valuable for its own nutriment, but for the large amount of milk added to it.
Hopefully, when new sets are released in the summer more will be added.
Everybody's favorite cloud-storage app has added photo and video import.
Natural turkeys have been minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients or coloring added.
Builders stabilized the tower and added flashing to make it waterproof.
Try propping some pumpkins vertically for added height and texture.
For added support and color, ribbons run through the centers of the wreaths and fasten to the top of the door frame with tacks.
Ground covers that must compete with trees or shrubs often benefit from added fertilizer as well.
Make sure you don't boil the soup once the milk is added.
Include some store-bought falafel for an added boost of protein.
For added drama, vertical indentations were painted hunter green and purple.
For instance, with drainage holes added, the concrete birdbath at left makes a splendid container.
If sugar is added before a coarse foam is established, the whites get too stretchy to make a stiff foam.
Iodine, a mineral essential for proper thyroid functioning and mental development, may be added too.
And they added birdbaths, and shrubs to provide cover.
Peters retained the original coffee table and added a couch.
All of these ideas have the added benefit of making the pots lighter and easier to move, if needed.
To incinerate some materials, extra fuel needs to be added.
But a previous owner had added a conventional window at head height, spoiling the simple design.
She added color with bright accessories flea-market finds.
The hosts help themselves to some of the sugars and even gain a bit of added color.
They also receive government allowances to offset the added costs of housing, food, and clothing for their children.
Jets may hold also vital clues to figuring out how energy was transported in the formative stages of the universe, he added.
Have students compare their results for each material before and after the dispersants were added.
Admissions decision making has traditionally been a slow process, something that has added to the field's mystique.
But that doesn't always hold, he added, as with architects.
When a large stick got snagged on the bottom of the sled, he added more water until it floated clear.
But he added that the government planned to expand the program after the pilot phase.
He added that the university would offer counseling services to students.
Something added to another thing but not essential to it.
And both companies say they have added administrative features to help campus administrators protect student records.
Xinhua added that more than half of the doctoral-program graduates had gone to work for the government.
The group also recently added current journal articles to its archive.
The storm came ashore at the time of the high tide, which added to the surge of water being pushed ahead by the hurricane.
There was a little snow on the ground which added a dramatic appearance.
Straight, sharp strokes are added to suggest rain or darkness descending over the scene.
Over land, he added, it happens once every thousand years.
To fuel their added brain power, these hominids probably introduced new energy-rich foods to their diet.
Since nothing but leaves and water are added, they're nontoxic and can be safely added to the compost pile.
The dinosaurs roar and come with descriptive information, and new dinosaurs will be added in future updates.
It added little to my existing knowledge and did not provide a cultural awakening.
There's also the added benefit of having color photographs for every recipe-which is a luxury in printed cookbooks.
The standard measure is gross value-added-the output of an industry minus the costs of production.
Never properly defined, it meant different things to different people, which of course added to its charm.
Given that time travel moves only forward, it might seem that this would be the only way new periods can be added to history.
Possession, it appears, lends things an added allure.
The species is frequently used in stir-fries and is often added to soups.
As if this were not enough, politicians have added another drain-biofuels.
If you added a new node, the whole system had to be reconfigured and the network became harder to manage.
We first started by burning wood and other organic matter, then added in whale oil.
Genetically modified organisms typically have one or two genes added or replaced.
Other substances, such as corn syrup or glycerin, can be added to the solution of water and detergent to make even better bubbles.
To the list of wonders of the ancient world, perhaps another should be added: nanotechnology.
When the helper-pup ratio decreased, the meerkat pups added weight more slowly, grew into smaller adults and survived less often.
Which in turn puts added pressure on the blood vessel walls.
They then added those remnants to warmed asphalt, to see if the pulp would act as a binder.
In addition, the commissar that was supposedly airbrushed out looks actually as if he was added in.
If they are proved safe, the older plants have a major economic advantage over new ones, he added.
They added that they were likewise uncertain what end-product fuels would result from the collaboration.
They argue that new network services and consumer access to vital information could be stifled by added fees.
Rice pilaf is made by first cooking long-grain rice in a small amount of fat to cook the starch before the liquid is added.
We've added a final article that demonstrates the longevity of the controversy over tobacco use.
When they're fresh, she added, their exoskeletons don't get stuck in your teeth.
The following year the weekly meetings were continued, and two months were added to the original three months of school.
He bought the oil in small bottles and added it to his water for flavor and good health.
His sense of addressing a large and diverse audience added humor, breadth, and humanity to his previously minimal verse.
Instead the money is, in effect, simply added to reserves.
Their laughter was taped and added to the show's sound track.
He also added octaves above and below, expanding it in space.
Season with mixed salt and pepper to which a generous grating of nutmeg has been added.
Note that this is the first time that salt and pepper have been added.
Pigments are added to the feed to give them red-colored meat.
Mummy materialized again and added chunks of a white ocean fish to the fragrant, deep red sauce.
He's since added capacity and, without boosting prices, improved his sourcing.
She says that it's more nourishing that way, without any added liquid to dilute the essence.
We added lemon juice and rind to another batch and sprinkled the post-plunged product with nutmeg.
In this case all the whipping will be done once all the dough and oil is added to the bowl.
She added that humanely killed pigs and cows produced higher quality meat than those that suffered undue stress.
There is an added possibility that you will be unpleasant to the help.
But price controls don't apply to organic and other value-added products.
Apparently they didn't grasp the vegetarian idea and had added bits of rat.
The colors were added to distinguish distance from the camera.
He later added a zeroth law that said robots much also protect humanity as a whole.
She said she could take care of her diabetes herself and added that she had been injecting a single shot of insulin a day.
The added heat changes wind patterns, bringing more rain to the western tropics.
When alcohol was added, it reacted with the oxygen in the air, burning up and releasing heat.
After two days' incubation, they added an enzyme that digested all the normal protein in the mixture, leaving only prion proteins.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of antibiotics used on farms today are added to animal feed solely to stimulate growth.
All the signs added up to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
It was a source of hilarity for him and the other altar boys, and when the priests scolded them, it only added to the fun.
The central thalamus may act as a gatekeeper, and the added stimulation kicks up the level of activation.
However, the officials added that they don't see an immediate danger.
The two motions, added together, create an illusion of circular motion.
The added methanol is also recovered for future use.
The long downward-pointing entrance tube is an anti-thief feature, and it's the last to be added.
He then added a sensor that can read the brightness of the room and adjust the fluorescents as needed.
The corals thrived when calcium carbonate was added to the water but did poorly without it.
The place is pinpointed as an event in space-time if another number, the time, is added.
The mountain gorilla, a shy vegetarian with no natural enemies but humans, could soon be added to the roster.
The event sold out so quickly that they added a matinee.
Because the structure was not designed to support the added strain imposed by a sloping foundation, it might well collapse.
Five new important characters have been added this season.
Thus to selfrighteousness and self-pity is added the third charm of self-hatred.
Their reports are added to an online map that rapidly becomes a source for information neglected by media and governments.
They point out that two wires become maximally twisted when no more rotations can be added with deforming the double helix.
Because of this, he added, users will never have to install software or manage updates on the device.
Once the water has been desalinated, chlorine is added again, before the water enters the drinking-water supply.
They want the best projects to be added to the system, ie the lowest cost generation and the minimal cost for new transmission.
Custom programs and elements can also be added to each of these levels.
But he added that the world still desperately needs ancillary breakthroughs in energy storage and energy efficiency.
By tweaking this code, researchers are able to direct how strands will combine when added to a solution.
As a country's energy needs grow, more plants can be added to keep up.
The added silicon production capacity is now starting to begin operations.
Once the transistors have been deposited, the screen itself must be added.
Later, he added a graduate-level course that blended practice with theory.
In addition, the added logic increases the amount of data that can be stored.
They say the tool could be added to an operating system.
Color versions use the same basic technology, but with colored filters added.
Then fiber particles with an opposite charge are added to the mix.
Added sugars are sugars and syrups that are added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared.
He has added a preface explaining how he dealt with the problems of translation.
And to this our times have added the playful hidden camera and the amusing bug on the bedside telephone.
And, he might have added, with more critical scrutiny from the press.
Indeed, something happened this year that may have added to this complacency.
The image was so simple that anything added to it began to detract from it.
To this is added cutting of a high degree of eccentricity.

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