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Layer the ingredients in a jar, add a ribbon and a tag, and you have a simple but stylish gift.
Add another equally simple but different frequency and you get structure and logic far more interesting.
But there is one quite cheap and uncomplicated way to increase study time: add more homework.
It turns out that the additional acceleration that the vortices add to the wind can increase the power of vertical axis turbines.
After the grease rises, you can recover the flavorful juices more easily to add back into the gravy.
These figures will add to fears that the employment outlook is darkening.
To add to the puzzle, panic attacks in healthy people occur out of the blue.
Add more flour if the dough is too sticky or more water if too dry.
Add an alluring accent to everything from soups to salads.
Some of them actually had some interesting things to add to the plot.
Science writers who know enough can add the context and scepticism that the publisher would probably leave out.
To get a stable emulsion, you'll have to add an emulsifier.
Add a label on the back of the bottle for the recipe instructions.
Gardeners and other environmentally conscious people will add the leaves to a compost pile to become a natural fertilizer.
How you add friends depends on which privacy level you chose for your group.
In a medium sauté pan melt the butter and add the dried onion and rice.
From there, you add it to the home screen and it becomes a standalone button.
Shellfish are optional, but always add glamour and color if you wish to include them.
Students will learn to use the text tool to add humorous captions to photos of cats.
Add mixture to broth and rice mixture, and barely stir into soup.
And once you add alcohol in there, it changes the way everyone relates to each other.
Maybe add some faint outlines of mountains on the horizon and a hooting gray owl for ambience.
The courses add up to roughly four years if one were to go straight through.
The costs of complying with such regulations add up quickly, according to results of another study cited in the report.
Cotton twill canvas-reinforced elbows add durability.
Five ways to add romance to evenings in the garden.
Dress up a few lanterns with ribbon, add some sunny fabric, and your plain canvas umbrella is ready to party.
Mini marshmallows also add a great taste to the cake.
Make one with clippings from your own garden for an easy, organic way to add drama to your home.
Next, add the names and e-mail addresses of everyone in your group.
When farmers start pushing past what's natural, the costs add up.
Giant hydropower companies, with impeccable political connections, add their own layer of secrecy.
Add a tea light or a tap light and beam your undercover message to the world.
Two sets of windows add balanced daylight, and thoughtfully placed downlights accent the room at night.
Balloons and birds crafted from local flowers add even more color.
Add to this the almost vertical body, with tail extended in line, and glorious blue legs and feet.
Add sliced or diced fresh radishes and carrots, then cilantro sprigs.
Thanks for the fun and history you add to our lives.
Eating fish from this group will add to the problems facing the world's fish stocks.
Add a complete fertilizer in the amount directed on the label.
Hazelnuts or any local nuts add another touch of autumn.
It would actually store the data that it produced, then reuse the information to add more.
Undulating, roughly carved ceiling beams add to the vertiginous sensation.
Add milk to beaten egg and stir into the dry mixture to make a soft dough.
Add water, blending it in well to completely moisten the mix.
But if you add crumbs to the raw meat, it will stay moist when safely cooked.
Serve with tartar sauce on the side to add to taste and lime wedges to squeeze over top.
Readers are invited to add their own impressions in six words.
They add to the sense that this place is truly wild, and well worth the challenge.
Whatever is done to remedy the situation will add trouble and expense, but it is probably worth it in the long run.
If you add the sugar too fast, the granules won't dissolve and the bubbles will be uneven.
Squeeze excess broth from the soaked bread and add to the oil and tomatoes.
So this seems to be nothing more than to add a little foreign glamour to a bland shoe-sale sign.
Senior executives from the public and private sectors are used to add variety to teaching and to deliver guest lectures.
Life expectancy may be steadily increasing but few are eager to add to their years of toil.
If they wish to add a flight, airlines must first cancel another.
It all sounds trivial, but a few cents here and there multiplied by hundreds of millions of users soon add up.
Add to this the bewildering complexity of an array of different benefits, and you get a welfare system that is not working.
Once done, mouse over the thumbnails to add captions, rotate or delete the pictures.
Pick a new gallery name, or add to an existing album, and you're done.
There are a few comic books news sites pre-loaded, but you can add in more by typing in the feed address.
If you have two waves meeting together at the same place and the same time, they add together.
Add drops of vinegar until you see the solution change color.
But add sugar to the treatment and the microbes rev up, only to be taken down.
The findings add to evidence suggesting that frequent use of pesticides could raise the risk of melanoma.
Because cilantro is used in a variety of cuisines around the world to mask smells, as well as to add distinctive flavors.
These findings only add concern to something already outrageous.
Small departments might add another professor or administrative-staff member.
Living authors can add to the problems or aid in solving them.
Put in a granite or porcelain-lined preserving kettle, and add cold water to come nearly to top of apples.
If there is not sufficient syrup, add boiling water, as jars must be filled to overflow.
Add one quart liquor in which a fowl was cooked, and simmer two hours.
Put into a preserving kettle, and add enough water to nearly cover.
Add one and three-fourths cups tomatoes, and cook until moisture has nearly evaporated.
Mash yolks, and add equal amount of cold cooked chicken or veal, finely chopped.
Cream two tablespoons butter, and add one teaspoon white of egg.
Critical essays that thus add vigor to lucidity arouse and delight our minds.
The prose of that age had life, a life to which later ages could not add, from which they could only take away.
The disgruntlement that will add another sentiment layer to his or her's disgruntles.
So go out on a limb and don one of these ultra-chic pairs to add a little crazy, red-carpet couture to your lashes.
It avoids forest destruction and doesn't add to local air pollution.
It merely means that there is promulgated the illusion that critics have something to add.
From the fact that one can add flying pigs to the world, nothing follows.
Commentators cast around in vain for suitable points of comparison and his own avowed literary admirations add to the confusion.
The difficult part of the calculation is to add up the sum-over-histories correctly.
One might add that one should also never underestimate the power of appeals to the rule of law.
But the abundance of respectful citation does not add to validity.
In doing this, the artist did more than add a touch of local color.
Second, the private intermediaries add substantial administrative costs to the program.
The economy will add millions of jobs for high school grads in the coming years.
For salad, the rough, rich flavors of roasted sprouts add bold contrast to the leafy greens.
Add a generous pinch of salt and a pinch of crushed red pepper.
Simply add their names at the bottom of your forum preferences screen, and their posts will be blocked.
Add about two thirds of the sauce you intend to use and gently stir it in.
Add up all the benefits that dogs provide us and compare that sum with the costs, and it is not a rational bargain on our part.
But the incremental progress is beginning to add up.
Then add one more layer of melted chocolate to reinforce the exterior and return to the freezer.
The insides and workings of a computer, and how to replace and add components to one.
But add it all up and home technology has become a significant item in the household budget.
As the company grew larger, it would add lobbyists and advisers to protect its interests.
We can add together residential building construction workers, residential specialty trade contractors, and real estate workers.
Over time, the organization hopes to add other measures of well-being, such as inequality and sustainability.
There, users can select from a number of options for images and add their own note.
Small businesses hold off to replenish their inventories or add new workers.
They add content and also shape content as it comes in.
Now add an enormous amount of military and economic power and wealth onto that existing tendency, and you have a real problem.
These sweet, fermented cloves add depth to any dish-even desserts.
Add soy sauce and continue to sauté mushrooms, stirring, until liquid mushrooms give off is evaporated.
Add spaghetti and shake pot to prevent pasta from sticking.
Add berries, brown sugar, and ice and blend until smooth.
Add cream mixture with sugar and a pinch of salt and heat over medium heat, stirring, until sugar has dissolved.
Add vermouth and mustard and deglaze by boiling, stirring and scraping up brown bits, until reduced by half.
Pulse sugar and ginger in a food processor until ginger is finely chopped, then add cream cheese and pulse until smooth.
Toss pasta with butter, then add tomato powder to taste, tossing to combine.
Add half of gnocchi to a pasta pot of well-salted boiling water and stir.
Remove from heat and add butter, swirling pan until butter is melted.
Some toasted sesame seeds would add a welcome crunch.
Reduce speed to low and add hot milk mixture in a stream, mixing until combined.
Once everything's had a chance to roll around in olive oil and warm up, add the beaten eggs.
Cilantro loses its punch when cooked, so it's best to add it to a dish at the end.
One used a medicine dropper to add lavender into the beige liquid, while another stirred the drops in.
Synthesizers add a bright and lapidary quality that doesn't always fit the lyrics.
The quick reversals that add to the fun of a game make nonsense out of the loyalties and desires of flesh-and-blood characters.
Add governments to the mix, and you've got a big steaming pile of questionably necessary interspecies violence.
If you're feeling really hardcore, you could even add a squid tattoo.
Add one oxygen atom to dmso and you get dimethyl sulfone--you change one solvent to another.
If you add so much of one vitamin, you might lower the effect of another.
They already add their strength and toughness to several products on the market, including many bicycle frames.
The host also retains control over the session and can add or remove participants as needed.
Blizzard allows some third-party developers to create scripts and in-game add-ons that enhance the user interface.
Researchers add genes for light-sensitive proteins to certain cells in the organism.
All are intended to add a stronger artificial intelligence backbone to the company's speech recognition software.
These many weak interactions add up to strong adhesion over the area of the foot.
But fluorine is difficult to add to molecules using traditional chemistry.
If a driver doesn't own one, throw one in with the financing of the car-it would be a relatively cheap add-on.
Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight.
He can also add other types of cells to the building blocks to provide support for the muscle.
Follow the steps listed below to add calculations and labels to further summarize your data.
For one, cut it into squares and add it to the hock when you cook beans.
If you're feeling bubbly, add some pink--as in pink champagne.
In a cup beat egg whites using a fork then add to chocolate mix.
Tea can add depth of flavor to a dish, complexity or brightness.
Parade floats and flower battles add color to ancient rites of spring.

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