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See animals up close and gain a better understanding of their habitat, size and adaptive characteristics.
If having a long neck was evolutionarily adaptive, heads had to remain small.
The proportionally long necks of sauropods must have had some adaptive advantage for the trait to be so widespread and persistent.
But the environment he designed it for has been changing so fast that his design is no longer as adaptive as it used to be.
Together, the steady dandelions and the mercurial orchids offer an adaptive flexibility that neither can provide alone.
Reasoning so conceived is adaptive given human exceptional dependence on communication and vulnerability to misinformation.
The human capacity for adaptive response evolved in face-to-face interactions.
Furthermore, this process must yield adaptive directional change in the species overall.
None of this star subtraction would be possible without adaptive optics-a means of sharpening telescope images.
Adaptive radiation is a process in which many species develop to fill a variety of different roles in the environment.
Less adaptive than its relative, the kaka is facing a severe decline due in part to human-introduced mammals.
Such adaptive traits are invaluable not only to local farmers but also to commercial breeders elsewhere in the world.
Discovering what those purposes were provides insight to the range of adaptive strategies throughout evolution.
The realm of adaptive sport and recreation truly deserves attention.
But if he's proven anything, it's that he's smart and adaptive.
Position includes teaching courses in elementary and secondary pedagogy, wellness, and adaptive physical education.
Adaptive learning, the hot new concept in online education, is getting ready for its close-up at several colleges.
Belief must have some sort of evolutionary power, some adaptive power that fits us to this world.
It takes adaptive personalities to learn such important cultural signals.
Online education can be more flexible, adaptive, and personalized.
These self-beliefs, however, may be highly adaptive.
Big variations take organisms out of adaptive focus and are worthless.
For instance, one theory has it that morning sickness in pregnancy might have an adaptive value.
We will continue to help pave the way for adaptive professors and campuses.
It even has an adaptive dashboard display that filters out visual as well as audible distractions.
But the impulse behind it will not go away because, progressive or not, it is certainly adaptive.
Another kind of adaptive camouflage is based on flexible plastic decals.
If this seems politically improbable it's possibly no more so than some of the adaptive measures your briefing proposed.
The fossils show what is known as an adaptive radiation.
But the idea that emotions shape all activity in adaptive ways is quite a subtle one.
Giant ground-based telescopes and adaptive optics have brought a new age in astronomy.
Because it evolved this way, the bird has an adaptive advantage to find flowers and food that other animals can't reach.
All media is adaptive, and satellite radio will cause regular radio to change but not die off.
The whole individual must strive if its learning and adaptive powers are to be effective.
Sounds have been categorized in different ways by his brain in accordance with his adaptive needs: business and pleasure.
The world-wide preference for animal protein therefore reflects an adaptive cultural and nutritional strategy.
First of all, thick subcutaneous fat is maladaptive in an arid environment but highly adaptive in a coastal marine environment.
Adaptive lenses change magnification without moving.
Artificial neural networks are parallel computational models, comprising densely interconnected adaptive processing units.
Biologist call this last scenario an endemic or adaptive radiation.
Economists have so far not been able to offer much help to firms trying to be more adaptive.
But in this unusual case of adaptive ecology, the human visitors may be helping the fish more than themselves.
Refinement of adaptive traits may take generations, but survival only takes one.
But he also suggests that having a sense of humor is adaptive.
Electronic components such as transistors and amplifiers with adaptive functions could be reduced to single, complex molecules.
These critters are hanging on by the skin of their adaptive radiations.
Steinberg developed an adaptive signal-processing concept that improved the angular resolution of radar imagery.
Adaptive, sensor-laden garments could provide a new way for quadriplegics to control their wheelchairs.
But aerial acrobatics, such as flying upside down, require a more robust and adaptive approach.
It's seeing a dark face with bright lights behind it, so you need an adaptive camera.
In the adaptive acceleration paper there was a reference to the fact that culture can drive directional evolution.
The adaptive rationale for this is pretty obvious when it comes to metabolic management.
For natural selection to have any adaptive effect you also need heritable variation.
But there is also a good adaptive story for why these alleles are at a high frequency.
But in all likelihood, there were earlier forms of music that drew on fewer systems, that did indeed have some adaptive value.
Genetic abnormalities, maladaptive to the old environment but adaptive to the new, made these movements possible.
Adaptive genes for modern humans in general would likely be high frequency in both populations.
In other words, psychological impulses which were inconvenient in one domain were necessary and adaptive on others.
Jealousy is in the genes because it is evolutionarily adaptive.
Adaptive cruise control adjusts to traffic's ebb and flow.
It is located in a historic building that is an excellent example of adaptive reuse.

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