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They adapted existing hardware and software to make them suitable for imaging embryos.
And now we're sharing their secrets, adapted to the home kitchen, with you.
Agaves are adapted to rocky, native soils and won't need amendments.
The desert marigolds readily adapted to the sunny site.
These are excellent opportunities to purchase plants that are well-adapted to our climate and/or unique.
The garden design above is lovely and can be adapted for my part of the country.
As mangrove forests shrink worldwide, a menagerie of specially adapted animals that depend on them are at risk, too.
The animals would have evolved over time and adapted themselves to their respective environmental conditions.
With a bigger brain, bigger stronger cold adapted bodies, ability to create fire and speak.
In warm-climate-adapted populations, inhalations are not directed toward the narrow upper part of the nasal cavity for warming.
Now a new x-ray technique adapted from atom smashers could resolve more key details.
Some affiliated species, including many parasites, are adapted to a single host species.
We are adapted to living in arid and semi-arid regions.
Even our sweat is adapted to arid and semi-arid climes.
Therefore the outcome of this research is not unexpected for fish that were not adapted to this particular watershed.
It adapted to the region's frequent flooding by building rafts-made up of big groups of the ants themselves.
The hopping pattern may be adapted to exclude a portion of the frequencies that are used by interfering devices.
But its body appears to have been well adapted to powerful flight and to perching in trees.
Any photosynthetic life would be adapted to take advantage of the available light waves.
The birds seem to have adapted somewhat to warming temperatures by hatching sooner.
Our job on the evolutionary ladder is to construct our silicon-based descendants, who can be perfectly adapted to space.
Through trial and error, he has adapted studio photographic techniques to the process.
The fish is perfectly adapted for cruising the nearly opaque waters.
Their lower appendages are adapted to help them climb trees with ease.
There are orchids that live on beaches or limestone coral atolls and have adapted to salt spray.
What they discovered was that the hand claw of the predatory dinosaur was also well-adapted to anchoring into surfaces.
They have adapted through natural selection to muscle out other species.
Whales evolved from mammals that adapted to hunt in oceans.
Since they won't pull a wagon, caravans had to choose between wheels and the beast of burden best adapted to the desert by far.
Any look at how kids have adapted to social networking and technology will tell you that gaming isn't an impediment to learning.
Initially apprehensive, she has adapted to her surroundings and remains aware of what occurs around her.
The artists have adapted to a lucrative form of communication and raised their level in society to innovators and leaders.
Despite harsh, semi-arid conditions, native wildlife has adapted to the environmental constraints present in the region.
Wing muscles are powerful, but not well adapted to grasping.
Students will discuss the reasons hydrothermal vents occur and learn about some uniquely adapted animals that live near the vents.
Explain that regardless of how they got there, these wild ponies have adapted to this environment.
They've adapted to thrive at the edge of hydrothermal vents, which spew superheated water saturated with toxic chemicals.
Over time, they adapted to survive in these warm, wet places.
They are good climbers, with feet and toes adapted to their lifestyle.
They have adapted by making chemicals that researchers have found useful as medicines.
Native plants and trees are adapted to the local environment and are often able to subsist on rainfall alone.
Rather the problem rests with those wily animals that have adapted to life in suburban and even urban environments.
It has adapted well to urban development where sufficient cover is provided.
Have students speculate about how deep sea animals might be well-adapted to their dark environment.
He believes foraminifera have lived at such great depths for millions of years and thus are adapted to life there.
Adapted to soggy soils, the species suffers where wetlands are filled or groundwater is diverted.
Quotation, then, should be adapted to the probable reader's cultivation.
But the system which these officers are called upon to administer is in many respects ill adapted to present-day conditions.
The dramatic quality of his talent is manifest in many of his tales, of which some were adapted by the author for the stage.
He adapted plays and knocked off trifles of many kinds.
By attempting achievements to which its powers are not adapted, genius itself must experience a failure.
The noun that stands before the verb should be regarded as the subject, and the verb be adapted to it.
In various ways these new orders and genera had adapted themselves to breathing air.
All these were paddle-wheel boats and paddlewheel boats are not adapted to work in heavy seas.
Wheat flour is best adapted for bread making, as it contains gluten in the right proportion to make the spongy loaf.
Our system was supposed to be adapted only to boundaries comparatively narrow.
The models they presented were not adapted to promote either good taste or excellence of any sort, in writing.
Manatees, large marine mammals, are well adapted to the aquatic environment.
But life thrives here--organisms adapted to limited water and extremes of temperature.
Then, there are nominations for adapted screenplay, sound mixing and film editing.
Yet he finds himself the critically acclaimed author of the sci-fi detective graphic novel that has been adapted for the movies.
These animals then adapted sticks to the task of catching elusive pond catfish.
But as in any business, the scammers innovated and adapted.
Not if the tenure system is adapted to suit the modern realities of professors' lives.
With a little creative thinking, the approach can be adapted to almost any discipline.
In a former courthouse here, jail cells have been converted into offices and a courtroom adapted into a lecture hall.
These standards have also been adapted for the specific research methods and tools for various disciplines.
People filled in and the system adapted to her absence.
But some of the viruses adapted to evade the defenders, sickened their host mice, and multiplied in number.
One irony is that his work has been much adapted for the stage and screen, often badly.
Journalism is a noble trade that only fairly recently adapted the trappings of a profession.
Since the beginning of time, creatures have adapted to changes in their environment.
These are designed to operate in greenhouses adapted to automation.
He once suggested that bees are ideally adapted for interplanetary life.
One basic key to success is familiarity- with question type and the computer-adapted format.
Many functions of government have been adapted for personal gain.
It shows how hotel markets around the world have adapted to changing economic realities.
The design was adapted for use in aircraft and by troops on the ground.
They are not adapted for a high tech global society.
By applying many thin coats of this adapted glaze, he achieved the smoky shadowing he became famous for.
The stage properties, so to speak, are well adapted to become the furniture and background of a romantic narrative.
The chart below, adapted from their study, shows their key findings.
Evolution is too slow, the story goes, for us to have adapted to this new diet.
It could be personalized and adapted any number of ways, all the while requiring only basic skills.
Plastic surgeons readily adapted the silicone implants for post-mastectomy chests.
Virus drained from these so-called reservoirs would then be dispatched with existing or adapted medication.
Fo found and adapted them in the course of several years' research.
Describes going to see the film that was adapted from that piece.
They are all, capitalized and adapted, characters in the novel.
Of course climate fluctuated in the past, yet species adapted and flourished.
Perhaps they're merely extremely well adapted to a life of luxury.
Here, my family has lovingly adapted to our awful tumble in fortune.
And they've changed, they've adapted, they've changed tactics.
Eventually, the method could be adapted for metal-air batteries, in which the electrode material would be in contact with the air.
There are a few kinks to work out before the system can be adapted for humans, though.
These devices need a slightly different specification from domestic ones, adapted to cope with a harsh outdoor environment.
The device could be adapted to test for other cancers, including cervical cancer.
Cui's group adapted a process that's used commercially to manufacture flexible packaging.
But the technology has been adapted to only a limited set of materials, and there have been questions about quality control.
Then if that works, it could eventually be adapted for trucks, and then cars.
To make neurons sensitive to light, scientists genetically engineer them to carry a protein adapted from green algae.
They are thus ill-adapted for lower-quality coals that would produce several times more slag.
For example, if you're doing a search online, you want to be able to return results that are well adapted to the users' languages.
She starts with silicon and etches it full of holes with techniques adapted from microchip production.
Bats live in many environments and are adapted to eating many different kinds of food, from moths to fruit to cow blood.
The mind appears to be adapted for reaching out and making the world, including our machines, an extension of itself.
Their advanced design would make them better adapted to a lively mode of existence.
On each island, the sharp-beaked ground finches have differently shaped beaks adapted for their particular diet.
Over thousands of years, some populations of these tapeworms adapted to our scavenger ancestors.
They were well adapted to their environments and were thriving.
They've adapted one of their wrist bones into a strut that supports their giant squishy feet.
Third, you are a sea snail so you are not adapted to crawling on land.
Cane toads are less dependent on water than many other frogs, but they're not adapted to truly dry climates.
Psychologists had adapted that problem into two morally challenging scenarios.
Snake venom is a blend of molecules, many of which are exquisitely adapted for wreaking havoc.
They'd be best-adapted to the males of their own time, and worse adapted to males from other times.
It is wonderfully adapted to live off the flesh of seals.
Many other plants have fruits adapted to being eaten and dispersed by particular animals.
Smelting can be adapted to micro-gravity and vacuum.
They start out able to walk on land and then gradually adapted to living in the water.
Their legs and feet were clearly adapted for perching rather than running or swimming.
The organisms of the deep biosphere are amazingly well-adapted to the tough living conditions of their world.
It suggested that the tetrapod body adapted first for life underwater and then was adapted for life on land.
In any case, the strains best adapted to outwitting the human immune system survived.
The diagram below is adapted from the paper referenced above.
Fungus is much more of a problem in wet climates than dry ones, so the chilies have doubly-adapted to their environment.
Evolution also now begins to select individuals who are more well adapted to the rigors and stresses of agricultural life.
The microbes adapted to their new host species' cellular environment.
In other words, when a section of chromosome flips over it traps adapted genes.
NS only preserves if a population is perfectly adapted and if all conditions in the environment are constant.
In the first studies, researchers focused their attention mainly on the abundance of fossils of arid-adapted antelope at the site.
She is also working on how the bee-eaters have counter-adapted to their murderous parasites.
But dogs have evolved an extraordinarily rich social intelligence as they've adapted to life with us.
Today's best sitcoms have adapted by relearning their art from the genres that superseded them.
It has been translated into a half-dozen languages and is being adapted for film.
But the study has found coyotes to be well-adapted urbanites.
The root stock is selected because it is vigorous and adapted to typical growing conditions.

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