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It made sense too that this change occurred as an adaptation for flight.
The more central theme is adaptation: to the new, to the strange, to oneself.
He offered her a role for his comic book adaptation Watchmen on the spot.
Part of this adaptation is a response by the embryo to the nutrition it receives through the placenta.
Book to film in record time: A film adaptation of a book typically occurs years after its publication.
The Arctic species show clear adaptation to their habitat.
And therein lies the problem with this adaptation of the beloved book series.
We are a culture of adaptation and evolution.
Skillful adaptation allows you to multiply into a tribe that eventually builds cities, then a globe-conquering civilization.
This report suggests that adaptation to environmental change through natural selection can occur in a single generation.
Kerry called international adaptation efforts "part of the glue" holding together negotiations toward a new global treaty.
The major attraction of the phased concept is that it allows for a gradual adaptation to full retirement.
It is of particular interest to notice their adaptation to the growth and changes in the form of the central nervous system.
Apart from this, the adaptation has been consistently made, and the works coincide in much of their detail.
The lateral surface is convex in adaptation to the concavity of the corresponding half of the vault of the cranium.
What a brilliant adaptation of a vast range of subjects and periods.
Fresh water has less calcium than salt water, so this may be an adaptation to a limiting resource.
It is an argument for accommodation and adaptation that preserves value.
It seems inevitable that human cloning, if made medically safe, will undergo similar taming and adaptation to human wants.
Psychologists even have a word for the phenomenon: hedonic adaptation.
Through plant breeding, for example, biologists can hasten the process of plant adaptation to dryness.
Both cones and rods participate in dark adaptation, slowly increasing their sensitivity to light in a dim environment.
But for the organisms possessing those structures, each is a useful adaptation.
But these behaviors-coping ugly, as one researcher calls it-ultimately help with adaptation in a crisis.
Anything that affects fecundity is a prime target for adaptation.
Adaptation to changing environments is of course the foundation of biogeography.
Please explain what you mean by intelligent adaptation.
But little was known about how the odd adaptation worked.
Trek into the world of big words-from adaptation to matriarch to yucca.
Pay particular attention to the tropical plants section, which provides a definition of adaptation.
The thick coats are an adaptation to the primate's mountain habitat, where temperatures can drop below freezing, researchers say.
But every adaptation, no matter how clever, is only temporary.
They also reduced their reliance on wetland habitats through a crucial evolutionary adaptation known as the amniote egg.
Past research has suggested the saddlebacked adaptation is for feeding on taller plants in dry habitats.
The new study also offers clues to how the unusual defensive adaptation may have evolved.
He said that a film adaptation wants simple narratives, but games thrive on complexity.
The code of the streets is actually a cultural adaptation to a profound lack of faith in the police and the judicial system.
Thanks to our brain's plasticity, the adaptation occurs also at a biological level.
Likewise, some cities excel in scientific research but not in commercial adaptation.
The sharp contrast will present visual adaptation problems to space travelers.
Denial is not an explanation of a social fact but an adaptation to it.
It probably arose as an adaptation to scarcity of nutrients.
Cancer's endless mutability, its ruthless adaptation to survive, is being matched by resourcefulness.
But adaptation to a structural shift in the economy isn't simply a matter of finding something else that pays.
The result was a prose masterpiece, though one which modern scholars prefer to call an adaptation rather than a translation.
Refudiate might catch on, because it's an adaptation.
Poorer countries frequently do not have the ability to pay for expensive adaptation solutions.
Adaptation to one's changing surroundings is a different matter.
Movies are an adaptation, while fanfic is usually an alteration.
Cities have adapted to the car but the adaptation has been much more benign than the doomsday focus suggests.
The catch is that domain-generality in cognition should never be confused with the notion of general-purpose adaptation.
From this stems a range of theories that go on to explain laughter as the result of evolutionary adaptation within early society.
You've been working on the comic book adaptation for a while.
The key toward successful adaptation is not perfection, but being better than the alternatives.
What confuses me is where the potential for such an adaptation comes from.
When one sees deviation from neutrality then one considers the effect of natural selection and the possibility of adaptation.
But she also had feet with stiff, forward-facing toes, an adaptation for walking on the ground.
The changes in the cetacean ear, head, and brain that have heightened this sense are a triumph of adaptation.
Additionally, even within broader groups selection because of local adaptation can differentiate demes.
With no distinction selection would have no efficacy in terms of driving adaptation.
Their remarkable resistance to heat boils down to a trivial adaptation.
The origin of writing and reading cannot be understood as a direct evolutionary adaptation.
Adaptation planning is necessary to address these already unavoidable impacts.
Yet the country seems unready for the kind of radical adaptation it needs.
According to the researchers, it all boils down to a behavioral trait called adaptation.
Listeners who came in late missed the opening announcement that this was a radio adaptation.

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