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Example sentences for adaptable

It is also highly adaptable and can change to increase its ability to spot new microbes.
It is interesting how quickly the fishing effort can change location-it may be as adaptable as its quarry.
The delicate flavor of fish fillets is adaptable to all sorts of interesting sauces.
Fortunately, the method he suggests is highly adaptable.
US manufactures now complain that workers are not adaptable.
Ancient corals may have been more adaptable to changing ocean chemistry than previously thought, a new study shows.
They are adaptable to many climates and have many garden uses.
Anything which comes out of the sea and is adaptable will be finely dressed and appear in all sorts of fashionable shapes.
It's adaptable and will make keeping track of both gadgets and their cords much easier.
But being an adaptable employee is consistently rewarded.
Blue jays are natural forest dwellers, but they are also highly adaptable and intelligent birds.
We humans can also continue to use those ideas to make technologies more adaptable and robust.
The plane, he says, can make the current fleet more adaptable.
Yet the ethics of medicine are not infinitely adaptable.
It will teach them how to handle setbacks, develop an adaptable skill set, and ultimately find the right career.
Coyotes are adaptable hunters and will eat almost anything.
Well, they have brains and bodies that are way more adaptable than software and hardware.
They should also be socially adaptable and open to new experiences.
The system would be easily adaptable to changing economic and environmental conditions.
Rulers of the wilderness, these intelligent and adaptable brown bears face dwindling ranges due to escalating human demands.
Set up a list of specific criteria considered adaptable.
Squeezebox works with any stereo or computer and is adaptable to different players and audio devices.
Maybe they are more adaptable in society and have a more pleasant existence.
Out of such chaos has grown a city that's adaptable in the extreme.
To my thinking this concept seems easily adaptable to many rural areas.
Steinberg is right that the variable-length headers are much more efficient and adaptable.
The rewards are tremendously fulfilling, and in the end you will become a more adaptable and globally minded citizen of the world.
Learn the survival secrets of this highly intelligent and adaptable canine.
It's shade tolerant, drought resistant and highly adaptable.
The birds have proven to be adaptable to changing forest conditions.
Flying squirrels are a third, adaptable type of squirrel.
Warthogs are adaptable and are able to go long periods without water, as much as several months in the dry season.
Learn how human activities are threatening even the highly adaptable loggerhead.
These adaptable primates store fat in their tails and hind legs, burning it when forage is lean.
In theory, the algorithm is adaptable to any creature with a telltale spot pattern that stays consistent over time.
Still, a few adaptable species manage to survive here.
Geo-Games events are low-cost, easy to implement, and adaptable to your school's resources and needs.
The adaptable fit guarantees comfort through and through.
The customizable size makes for a adaptable fit and the overall design keeps the sun out of your eyes.
Rats are an adaptable species, thriving in our shadows on almost every continent.
Frequent fliers are an adaptable bunch because they need to be.
His films had flopped, and younger, more adaptable stars had taken his place in the industry.
Galleries that are vital and adaptable can live on, long after neighborhoods have turned.
These small breeds aren't as adaptable to the cold weather as some larger breeds.
The good news is, humans are remarkably adaptable and resilient.
The genre became so popular in part because it was so adaptable, because it could address the central issues facing the nation.
They are extremely adaptable and are therefore found in habitats across the globe.
In a fast-moving global economy, the knowledge and skills people learn must be relevant, purposeful and quickly adaptable.
But the creatures are intelligent and adaptable, so these efforts are not keeping pace with the exploding feral hog population.
By contrast, post-war generations which have benefited from more formal education should prove more adaptable.
People are adaptable, they always find something useful to do in the end.
The company has said that its robots will be intelligent, adaptable, and inexpensive.
And if the technique works with bipolar disorder, it could be adaptable to other psychiatric illnesses.
In the coming months, the researchers plan to replace the current rigid stabilizers with new ones that are flexible and adaptable.
Almost makes one think that global warming might not be so bad, if you're adaptable.
We do not yet know what makes some systems more adaptable than others, but research on complexity has yielded some clues.
The scientific method seems to be highly adaptable.
Compared to sustainable energy storage solutions such as molten salt, flywheels may also be more portable and site-adaptable.
We need to be nimble, adaptable, and to give ourselves adequate safety margins in order to respond to such crises.
It also tells us that people are quite adaptable to changes.
These hardy, adaptable arthropods have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and they are nothing if not survivors.
Geo-Games event plans are low-cost, easy to implement, and adaptable to your school's resources and needs.
In looking at the recipe, you'll note that the soup is extremely adaptable to the contents of your refrigerator and to the season.
When you go to another country, it's best to be adaptable.
Each guest room is located in a private cabin that is rustically furnished and handicap adaptable.
Houses of worship are adaptable to residential and other uses as congregations dwindle.
Officers must be adaptable and willing to adjust to frequent compulsory changes in work shifts, work locations and other factors.
The flow of resources must be fluid and adaptable to the requirements of the incident.
Although the species is highly adaptable, it prefers hilly terrain which may be open or may contain brush.
Leaders in neighborhood preservation and enhancement through adaptable and creative problem solving.
Maybe it's that kitchen-sink approach that makes punch adaptable to any menu.
By being flexible and adaptable, you can outwit the unpredictable.
Things don't go according to plan, so be adaptable and flexible.
The mood and politics at the workplace could shift, so remain flexible and adaptable.
But the infinitely adaptable substance has its dark side.
Insurgencies are adaptable beasts: remove one vital organ and another will regenerate.

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