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Example sentences for adamant

They are adamant about keeping this power so they can protect industries to which they have ties.
But the test subjects were adamant that they were playing by the rules.
In short, he is a goth, which explains his adamant objection to summer.
Others remain adamant that the overall implications of warming will be a detriment to the globe.
Every obstacle has vanished into air; every favorable circumstance has hardened into adamant.
And she said she has been adamant that her friends vote, too.
The officer was adamant that the light was red before I went though it.
Her husband was adamant that his sons go to college; both graduated from Fordham.
It's funny to think back to when we were so adamant about having privacy.
He was adamant that he not be afforded any "special" privileges.
But he was adamant: no historical-critical edition, no brackets or elaborate footnotes.
He's adamant about what he wants, but it's always done with kind, encouraging words.
Lee is as stubborn as he is gentle, adamant about putting on film the beautiful stunts he had dreamed of since childhood.
They are adamant, however, that the terms cannot be changed.
Fed officials are adamant in arguing that they are not influenced by political concerns.
All three of them are adamant about making the people around them and in this company better.
Against the advice of her financial advisors, she was adamant about rebuilding the company.
There's pain in his tattered voice but also the adamant, inscrutable, almost impersonal tone of bygone rural blues singers.
They were adamant he was in the area, absolutely adamant, in the face of a lot of skepticism.
Watt was adamant that no one suggested a choice when he viewed the photographic lineup.
Offer a paper application if the client is adamant about completing a paper application.

Famous quotes containing the word adamant

In a toddler's mind, agreeing with you means that he is indistinguishable from you.... The adamant little t... more
But our old subtle foe so tempteth me That not one hour I can myself sustain. Thy grace may wing me to prevent his art, ... more
All things are flowing, even those that seem immovable. The adamant is always passing into smoke. The plant... more
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