ad hoc in a sentence

Example sentences for ad hoc

Yet most of us still have a bunch of ad hoc stuff that doesn't work together.
The smallest of policy decisions are made through faculty governance and ad hoc committees.
Other collaborations between studio members are more ad hoc, especially when somebody's got a lot to do in a hurry.
In fact, the very act of paying federal bills creates money ad hoc.
Search tools dispense with categories and let users define their needs ad hoc.
It is a nonsequitur to introduce the evolutionary origins of fruit with the ad hoc benefits of spices.
But the ad hoc coalition of radio scientists did like the idea of setting up a new heater in Alaska.
Their main attraction is in encouraging ad hoc file sharing and communications among work-groups.
The ad hoc network of power plants provides a surprising amount of juice.
The ad hoc nature of our spousal appointments also increased the resistance of some departments to hiring the partners.
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