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Another teller activated a silent alarm to alert the police.
Later, other scientists and the public should also be activated to prohibit them.
First he made haphazard tangles of fibers activated by charged liquids.
It consumes power only when the electronic paper is activated.
Hawkings computer allowed him to select letters and words but it was activated by his physical movement.
Porphyrins are light-activated chemicals that can be used to combat ills including tumors and diseases of the eye.
If this is recorded then warning systems can sometimes be activated to evacuate people.
And when a bone breaks, cells are activated to repair the damage.
The seniors activated several frontal brain regions that the others did not.
They can only be activated in females after puberty.
Then the upper layer of closure was done with sutures on the right side and with light activated technology on the left side.
Indeed, the students' heart rates rose when they swore, a fact the researchers say suggests that the amygdala was activated.
We still have a number of dormant neural stem cells at old age which can be activated and induced to produce neurons.
The weird thing is this pathway is also activated when penicillin starts breaking down the cell wall.
Thus, the potato vaccine had probably created memory cells that the injection activated.
As a result, genes that contain this sequence can be activated by testosterone.
We regard them more as different circuits in the same brain, each circuit being activated separately.
To be activated they must be liberated from the chromosomal coils.
They have shown that which circuit is activated depends not only on the type of receptor a drug acts on, but also the dose given.
The problem comes when the telomerase gene is accidentally activated in a cell in which it is supposed to be shut down.
Had it been activated beforehand it should have been able to contain the pressure in the well, saving the rig.
The trick the researchers use to boost the cleansing action of ultraviolet is to add a light-activated catalyst to the effluent.
It replaced confusing radioactive labels with laser-activated fluorescent dyes, making sequencing faster and much more precise.
Air jets are then activated to push particular items from one conveyor belt to another, or into a bin.
What it means is that safety measures kick in automatically in an emergency rather than having to be activated.
As each pixel is activated, the wetting properties of the oil and water change, making colours visible.
The battery-powered tag is activated by microwave and sends back a code identifying the vehicle.
Foreign policy is guided by interests represented by conveniently activated principles.
But the predisposition requires social experience to be activated.
People have a similar heat-sensitive channel, but it's only activated by painfully hot stimuli, such as touching a hot stove.
Those larger ones are activated by a neurochemical called serotonin.
When they did subtraction, the left-looking brain patterns activated.
When activated, the protein previously had been shown to strengthen several types of pathogens.
Motion-activated lights can also help reduce both light pollution and criminal activity.
The driver will communicate through a voice-activated microphone that is inside the car.
Put several pieces of activated charcoal on a paper towel and set it in the middle of the room.
Made from vinyl with a pressure-activated adhesive, the super-thin cover sticks to a gadget until you're ready to take it off.
If you are a subscriber and have activated your digital access, log in below.
The proteins not only bound to the receptors the way marijuana would have, but also activated them as well.
The reason is that the biases are activated automatically, pre-conscious thought.
They don't perform floating point operations, they emit a certain frequency when activated by using chemical reactions.
To lighten any one point of the screen, an electric signal is sent through a vertical wire while a row of plasma is activated.
Many of these genes are activated by chemical triggers.
They had the right shape and they activated the right genes.
When enough receptors on the muscle cell have been activated, the muscle fiber contracts.
Normally, once the receiving neuron is activated, the chemical is reabsorbed by the brain.
Humans do not have these cells in their guts so the toxins are not activated during human digestion.
The researchers didn't observe any cancers in these test mice, but telomerase was only activated for one month.
Well, you yourself probably did if you activated a location-based service on your phone.
Whereupon a gene downstream is activated, which produces a protein, which indirectly inhibits that fat cell from storing fat.
Even though these misplaced eyes have been activated by a mouse gene, they have the compound structure of typical fly eyes.
Their network got activated, and they filled the registration.
Because of our learning and our past experiences and our memories, each of us will get activated by a different set of stimuli.
It has been activated only once, to perform a relatively mundane spamming operation-enough to demonstrate that it is not benign.
The spaceship was automatically adjusted, the braking installation was activated and the speed of flight began to decrease.
Many rafts when activated turned out to be underinflated anyway.
Its polished surface has room for tens of thousands of activated magnetic spots.
For the first time, chemists have designed catalysts that are activated by mechanical stress.
In the past, researchers have made proteins that are activated by ultraviolet radiation, which is toxic to cells.
Brain imaging revealed that the obesity treatment activated various brain structures involved in memory.
Immune cells crawl through the pores and are activated by chemical signals and tumor molecules.
Previous versions of the valve functioned only in organic solvents and were activated by elaborate oxidation reactions.
Using surgical lasers and a light-activated dye, the researchers are prompting tissue to heal itself.
When the device is activated two weeks later, it begins to deliver high-frequency electrical pulses to the patient's stomach.
The reprogramming process activated the telomerase enzyme, which is responsible for maintaining telomeres.
One advantage of this approach is its specificity--only the neurons with the gene are activated.
The whole thing can be made a simple hand held thumb activated probe, and be sold for several hundred dollars.
The device tested in dogs was activated wirelessly, and is poised for further improvements.
Blind mice developed rudimentary vision when researchers activated certain retinal cells using a gene commonly found in algae.
But these materials can only be activated with pulses of light-called optical pumping-which limits applications.
The only radioactive material left at decommission is activated materials.
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