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Activate the camera's zoom function to capture tight shots and close ups, then share your movies easily with your loved ones.
Researchers start by coaxing cells in culture to activate bitter-taste receptors.
Bioengineers have long understood how to manipulate genes to function as switches that activate other genes.
It's important to combine the musical stimuli with imagery because when you do you activate more areas in the brain.
Buttermilk's slight acidity helps activate baking soda and make bread rise.
Activate prior knowledge about instruments used to measure weather.
Activate the buttons at the top right to map continental characteristics.
Activate students' prior knowledge and build background.
Activate students' prior knowledge by inviting them to tell what they already know about the glossary words.
Activate prior knowledge about seasons and sunlight.
Activate students' prior knowledge about extreme natural events.
The process is straightforward, and involves tearing up the box into sections and soaking in cold water, to activate the seeds.
When a geyser of drilling mud erupted onto the rig, all attempts to activate the blowout preventer failed.
Release of these chemicals may activate nerve pathways in the brain, muscles, or elsewhere and increase pain.
In such cases, experts believe that acid in the esophagus may activate nerves that temporarily impair blood flow to the heart.
All objects of desire, whether biological or non-biological, may activate the same general reward system in the brain.
He has hidden a bomb, which he will activate by cell phone.
But the robot's trip-wire didn't activate until it was already too late.
When workers on the rig tried to activate the well's blowout preventer, it failed.
When he hears that tone, he will have to activate a buzzer.
Some issuers may only require you to follow an automated phone prompt to activate the card for use abroad.
Once you have joined and logged in, please refresh the page to activate voting.
But you might have to leave and re-enter to activate your work visa.
Researchers have shown that placebos can activate the body's own painkilling opioids.
When hormones, neurotransmitters or chemical attractors reach a cell, they dock to and activate a membrane-spanning receptor.
When magnetized, the beads would attract one another, forcing the receptors to huddle and activate.
Indeed, drugs and food activate similar reward pathways in the brain.
Signals from within the two cells then activate the protein actin, which elongates the bridge.
Instead, the vaccines use killed autologous tumor cells from the patient to activate the immune system.
The drug is known to activate serotonin receptors, but how this produces its effects is little understood.
Special enzymes bind to these compact packages of genetic material, helping to activate genes.
The gentle jolts activate certain neurons, reducing symptoms in some patients.
Once the tumor is located, a clinician might then activate a radio signal that would release a drug bound to the particles.
And exactly how they activate electrical-potential charges.
Heat-stable enterotoxins are another toxin that can activate nitric oxide receptors.
Two enzymes in the neurons activate proteins called transcription factors that turn on genes.
They also have an independent gamma motor supply that can activate them independently of the parent muscles.
The rig's crew was unable to activate the blowout preventer from the rig before it sank.
Print subscribers must first activate online access.
They plan to activate a gene in the mouse that will selectively eliminate senescent cells.
Politicians would be tempted to activate it every time there's a housing downturn.
All these things should activate with a modest temperature increase.
To have the camera take an exposure, they use the remote control to activate a relay switch that tells the camera to fire.
Space-saving zinc-air power cells, for example, use air to activate a zinc anode.
Researchers studying a neurological disease caused by genes inherited from mom find a way to activate genes inherited from dad.
Meals seemed to activate his sense of improvisation.
Then we'd activate people from the district where the client was.
Animals need salt to activate nerves and muscles, and to maintain water balance in their cells.
Many scientists say that environmental exposures, perhaps even in the womb, may activate such genetic vulnerabilities.
For example, the team needs to tease apart which components activate the other genes under study.
At the fire exhibit they can ignite a high flame and simultaneously activate overhead sprinklers.
Even the sounds of human motion can activate parts of the brain that usually only fire in response to sights.
It's the instruction manual for how and when to activate genes.
Both of them activate and repress a swarm of other masculinising and feminising genes.
Vaccines activate the t-2 cells giving only temporary immunity.
Unless you are unlucky enough to develop an allergy, these do not activate your immune system in any way.
Especially if you're going to activate it while online.
The quest to activate methane's chemical potential has left a path of unrequited chemists.
Researchers then focused laser light to locally activate the proteins, causing protrusions that led to cell movement.
It only does this when the user presses a button to activate it.
Remedial reading programs can activate this brain area.
It might be good in a gym where you are actually energetically moving to activate that device.
To activate the phone, users simply push the green call button.
To access all of your exclusive member benefits, you must activate your membership with our website.
Don't soak the paper in a tray of water to activate the paste.
To activate this coverage, please call the toll-free number or visit the website listed below and enter the redemption code.
There is a manual mode you can activate by moving the gear selector to the left and pushing it forward and back.

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