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It's incredible to realize that human actions on land can have such an impact on wild otters in the ocean.
In that regard, his actions seem no less short-sighted than theirs.
Actions-The muscles of both sides act together as a sphincter, compressing the membranous portion of the urethra.
Actions-The simultaneous contraction of the two muscles serves to fix the central tendinous point of the perineum.
Actions-The hamstring muscles flex the leg upon the thigh.
Actions-The muscles of the calf are the chief extensors of the foot at the ankle-joint.
Students don't realize that actions have consequences.
Nor was the professor ever held accountable for his actions.
It makes the writing of a five-letter word come about through five distinct actions.
Interestingly, the technology exists to allow university officials to take such actions.
Think in advance about what you want to communicate about yourself, and what actions are available to you to send the message.
After all, it's the proverbial definition of insanity to repeat actions but expect different results.
Certain actions that have been taken are putting this university into the ground.
It's one thing to police your students in the hopes that they'll realize actions have real-world consequences.
It's quite another when they know full well that such actions in fact do not.
Administrators are supportive through both actions and words.
We have only to make a decision about the goodness or badness of the actions revealed in the work.
Anonymity is one thing, accountability for your actions and reasoning is another.
The professor in question is clearly responsible for his actions, and should be relieved of his teaching duties.
It won't perform the actions without you confirming them, but it's pretty close.
They're primitive inventions designed by people who didn't fully grasp the consequences of their actions.
Certain actions, or even small items that constantly reappear throughout his life, will take on new meanings.
The evolutionary value of this is that people can anticipate the actions of others in a way that helps them.
But with language, they can not only anticipate the actions of others, they can try to manipulate them.
Some companies are already exploring other methods of charging advertisers for consumers' actions.
In both cases the actions of other people send a signal that may be useful for others to follow.
Farmers pump, oblivious of others' actions or the impact of their own.
Government-bond yields are being held artificially low by central-bank actions.
It has no empathy, refuses to accept responsibility for its actions and feels no remorse.
But the result of their actions is that global markets fall in unison.
Yet the next few years may be far tougher on insurers, partly as a result of actions taken to mitigate this crisis.
Settling contempt-of-court actions and defamation suits from leading politicians is costly.
Also ask them to note any actions by the author or other travelers that were not ideal or that should have been done differently.
They can also see how human actions are changing coral reefs.
Some of these actions can be mapped, for example, areas that have been protected and fisheries certified as sustainable.
Rather, it's about demonstrating commitment to change and serving as a jumping-off point for everyday actions.
Human actions can mean big changes for even the tiny animals in our oceans.
Fast exposures can freeze actions that happen in the blink of an eye.
Recycling bottles, cans, and newspapers is on any short list of simple actions for a cleaner environment.
If climate change is largely caused by human actions, this will really help.
These actions, while not a surprise given its statements and actions to date, are a matter of grave concern to all nations.
It's my duty as a citizen to speak up when illegal actions take place.
The details of how these actions are controlled, however, have remained largely mysterious.
Our actions affect our local environment on a daily basis but that power does not extend to the universe.
Psychopaths routinely offer excuses for their reckless and often outrageous actions, placing blame on others instead.
They want to escape the penalties of their own actions.
Before you turn another page of this magazine, consider your actions carefully.
Whatever you are doing with your votes is not being matched with your wallets and actions.
The actions of their hooves and leg movement also moves blood.
As to the relationship between that and your habits in thoughts and actions, that is pretty tenuous.
It can call itself whatever it wishes, but fundamentally it's actions are at odds with it's words.
In finance, actions can be both individually prudent and collectively disastrous.
When you think that way, you have to always consider the long-run implications of short-term actions.
He makes a lot of speeches, but does not take enough actions.
Characters travel from place to place and perform sometimes violent actions, but the novel doesn't proceed along a plot line.
Actions can be evaluated in terms of how much pleasure they produce.
People my age are starting to become leaders and our actions affect the social and economic development.
Their thoughts and actions feel scripted, as if they're following the steps of an algorithm.
Unfortunately, there is little evidence that urgent actions are being prepared to match urgent timelines.
Initial public outrage over the police's actions only increased when widespread suspicion about the raids' origin was confirmed.
For many simple actions, such as walking, these computations proceed more or less independently.
Most software programs are made up of instructions that tell a computer to take a series of actions in a certain order.
It's because of such actions that pharmaceutical research is experiencing the pullback in funding that is going on right now.
Keep in mind, it's impossible for us to forecast the actions of an intelligence devoid of emotions.
By your actions you show that you don't deserve any respect, and that you are offensive, uncultured and boorish.
All these actions should be coordinated with other advanced countries.
The principal tools ants use, however, in guiding their movements and actions are potent chemical signals known as pheromones.
While everyone else leads a derivative life, shaped and bound by the actions of others, he remains utterly free.
The thought that others might be instead controlling our actions makes us uneasy.
Others, well, their actions range from merely pointless to ludicrously tragic.
And only a small number of actions varied between groups that were genetically similar.
Ideology shapes our actions, and our actions shape our world.
But equally, the influence of both words and actions may have combined to exert a larger pull on the volunteers' behaviour.
There are government regulatory agencies, they should take actions if necessarily.
But that does not mean one cannot look at statements and actions and make a reasonable guess.
Multiple agency actions and/or communication is not a one-way street.
If you want to find miracles, look for them in the actions and hearts of your fellow human beings.
People are responsible not only for their actions, but for the reasonably foreseeable consequences of their actions.
But the impact of our philosophies upon our actions and our lives is often devastating.
One second he's calling for actions to crack down on reckless lending.
Then there's the challenge any movie faces of putting thoughts into words, emotions into gestures, descriptions into actions.
These had been the actions of a psychopath, a lone wolf.
Through his actions, he proves that public service isn't a hobby or even an occupation, but a way of life.
Ponder your upcoming actions, and talk things over with a partner.
Most of us realize that it's the actions or the inactions of the owner that is at the root of the problem.
List of actions you can take to reduce air pollution.
The links below describe our activities and provide background information related to those actions.

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