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Example sentences for actionable

Others-- please stop whining unless you have specific, actionable, better solutions.
The book is accessible and actionable, with its signature, crisp design and lively text.
If it were actionable, there would not be courts enough in the whole world to try the causes in.
Even the forecasting gems, if they could be recognized, are too often not profitably actionable.
Threats need to be specific and imminent to be actionable.
Consequentially, a lot of scientific knowledge is not actionable for them.
The generalities written about are without actionable meaning.
But the hunger for actionable tactical intelligence on insurgents was palpable.
In a cloud environment monitoring data, particularly around capacity, becomes more actionable.
It's also counter to taking actionable steps towards real and permanent solutions to ending childhood obesity.
It's positively counterproductive, implying as it does that there's some actionable value in the comparison.
Most bands express care and appreciation for fans during a set, though it's rarely demonstrated in an actionable way.
Patient, persistent questioning using subtle psychological carrots and sticks is the surest way to get actionable information.
All this falls into the severely goofy range but stops somewhere short of actionable.
By now the program's influence extends far beyond its lights, cameras and actionable incidents.
Coercion does not produce good, actionable intelligence.
Clinical relevance-measures need to provide actionable information to guide improvements in clinical practice.
IAs are professionals who create intelligence by converting raw data into actionable information.
Making a false statement may be actionable under state or federal law.
Deliver online health information that is actionable and engaging.
Much of the research focused on communicating actionable information and motivating users to adopt healthy behaviors.
Turning information into actionable knowledge is a social process.
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