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Now is the time to act.
You act like I don't understand.
Carrion flies, attracted to the stench, act as pollinators.
Their act is a bit like the good cop-bad cop routine.
Its brilliant blooms act as an all-summer flower arrangement.
There are acts you wish would never end.
All writing is an act of self-exploration.
Consider, for example, the act of finding a gift for your partner.
Two types of herbicides act on growing weeds and other unwanted vegetation.
Always with a variation of the same act, but never with diminution of the same determination.
Both ranges act as barriers that limit the influence of the cold beyond them.
The principal, for which directors act as agent, is the company itself.
And as agents of the company, directors have a legal duty to act in its best interests at all times.
Oppositions, condemned to talk rather than act, often struggle to impress the electorate on matters of economic management.
Time will tell whether or not there are health effects, but whether a metal bed frame can act as an antenna is simple physics.
New research shows diet and exercise may change how genes act.
The fibers could act as a microphone or a speaker, depending on whether the vibrations were being recorded or amplified.
Nuclei of the atoms of the universal objects act as furnaces using these packets as fuel and radiate energy.
They determined that vortices that form within the cloud act as centrifuges, which spin heavier droplets outwards.
Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans.
They are insulated by thick hair, and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes.
Scientists are not sure exactly how clouded leopards act in the wild.
Typically doctors need to act within three hours to treat a human stroke patient successfully.
The instruments record a continuing pattern of heaving and bulging and act as an early warning system.
In many cases, the flooding is an act of retribution by displeased gods.
Others will steadfastly refuse to fly on an airplane, buy a house, or act on a hot stock tip.
These hooves also act as snowshoes to support the heavy animals in soft snow and in muddy or marshy ground.
If you have additional time, you can have students act out these scenes and then discuss their reactions.
Explain that the students, all of different sizes, now act as a set of waves by tracing from their hands to their heads.
Committee grants tend to act as seed money and are given for one year's research.
As a result, the act of reading seems effortless and easy.
The ideal candidate will act entrepreneurially to continually adapt and redesign this program to better pursue its objectives.
Other findings from this year's survey point to whether students act on those political beliefs.
The act lets universities patent and commercialize inventions that come from federally funded research.
Contact lenses that act as computer screens face an obstacle: power.
They can be used to make clothes that act as a microphone.
The keeping of such items is thievery and should be consider a criminal act, no matter for what reason.
In her mind, the last thing geoengineering should be is an act of desperation.
Somewhere beyond the curtain of the fifth act lies a world more stable and sane, less petty and less murderous and less ignoble.
Marine biologists say that giant squid therefore can act as an indicator of deep-sea pollution.
Biologists once believed that such an apparently illogical act occurred only in captivity.
As she would do time and again, she exorcises a devastating experience through the act of painting.
The physical act of covering a beach with foreign matter changes the beach, affecting this delicate balance.
But the vets themselves take solace in the act of being useful.
It urged its draftee readers to think about the message and then-if they so chose-to act on it in a lawful and nonviolent way.
Swift's aura of innocence is not an act, exactly, but it can occasionally belie the scale of her success.
At the time, it was widely believed that the act of describing our memories improved them.
But they are still a pop act, and they know that shows should be shows.
It turns out that he doesn't lack self-awareness, and it's nearly tragic that he's unable to act on it.
To disarm the trap, one of the supremacists must perform an act where his skin is ripped from his body.
He could barely even pretend to act as if he cared about the destruction of the great city and its infra dig inhabitants.
It's a precarious act, being the unabashed show-off, the novelty performer.
Such an act doesn't require a toga, but it does demand a bit of dignity.
They act as though the words they write and pictures they post and texts they send vanish into the ether.
As he famously says, he tries to act in the gap between art and life.
Forty years ago, the couple staged an act of nonviolent protest in support of peace.
Ever since, the act of writing has demanded interpreting the traces that remain.
People often act in accordance with the images and patterns they find around them.
Back home, he settled down pacifically to act as schoolmaster to his two nephews.
Ammonia spotted in the jets could act as antifreeze in under-ice oceans.
Moreover, the act of retrieval can destabilize the memory.
The bees act as inadvertent protectors of plants, researchers say.
Getting individuals to change is an act of personal persuasion.
Consider the simple act of changing lanes while driving a car.
Plankton are sensitive to climate change, for example, and can act as indicators of the water's physical characteristics.
It's long been known that magnesium can act as a sedative.
Nor was he alone, he insisted at his trial, in failing to act when he did know the truth.
But as psychology experiments have demonstrated over and over again, we've evolved to act on our emotions, not logic.
Researchers have discovered a way to grow tiny micrometer-scale tubes from materials that act as catalysts and gas sensors.
One presentation will reveal how poorly secured printers can even be grouped together to act as online storage for cybercriminals.
Most antihypertensive drugs today act on a biological system that regulates blood pressure.
However, in the presence of infection, immune cells have to act fast to make more cells for defense.
Even the simple act of cooking dinner on a gas stove can produce two and a half pints of water vapor.

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