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The fossa is filled with fatty tissue across which numerous fibrous bands extend from side to side.
To the contrary, it changes across time and space, in response to the movements it opposes.
Public universities across the country are engaged in an all-out war for out-of-state students.
Surely huge herds of animals walking across vast, open plains.
Research often involves teams of scientists collaborating across continents.
The footsteps of lizards have left tiny, delicate patterns across the dunes.
These days, accessing the same files across multiple devices can be a feat.
Twenty-nine universities across the country have started a project to extend their high-speed networks to surrounding communities.
Soon they were all in the water, this long line of wildebeests surging across.
Send up some rooster tails as you zip across the lake on water skis.
More public universities are fanning out across the nation to recruit, and students are responding.
Regulations are ill-suited for transmission across state borders.
Some measure less than a few feet across but drop several hundred feet to the floor.
From earrings and necklaces to lipstick and tattoos, humans across cultures decorate themselves.
But, really, it's at its best when sunlight streaks across chalk white walls.
Start with a horizontal lace across the bottom eyelets.
Tuition will increase across all higher-education sectors and state-financed student aid will continue to dwindle or remain flat.
If you look across the map, there doesn't seem to be much of a connection between these rights and fiscal health of the state.
By day, they follow the sun's movement east to west across the lake.
Still alive, he was dragged across the street into a school courtyard.
Under a pale blue morning sky, a string of horses heads across an untracked meadow dusted with snow.
The sale resembled events that have taken place or have been blocked at other campuses across the country.
Expectations that the state can improve social behaviour across the board have increased sharply.
The print ridges flowed lengthwise along the foot, unlike human prints, which flow across.
In a color-coded map, view the number of malaria cases and deaths in countries across the world.
He said that the roses recommended for each region actually do well across all the climates within the region.
The film showed two triangles and a circle moving across a two-dimensional surface.
They've been a tradition across the world for thousands of years as a form of storytelling.
The logs, laid horizontally across the iron frame, are lashed to the crosspieces with sturdy twine.
The towel needs to be fairly taut across the top of the bowl to prevent it from sagging into the water.
It zoomed across the night sky early yesterday, a greenish-red fireball.
Our unique programs present a focus on leadership, research, and policy across the continuum of education.
From early settlement days, the cultural arts have been an important component of cities and towns across the state.
Green basilisk lizards can avoid danger by darting across water.
Imagine you're a mouse running across an elaborately decorated rug.
Each aroma pumped across the array induces a unique pattern of responses that is fed into a computer.
Imagine: herds of hadrosaurs trudging across the plain as snow falls, while a tyrannosaur stalks them from a distance.
Priests urged believers to vote in churches across the south.
That's cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels in markets across the world.
There, sales had declined across the board, but the hits were holding up best.
The next thing you know, you are tearing across the cool water.
In professional contexts they come across as rude and/or disinterested.
Along the entire coastline and major ridges as well as across the peninsula's narrow neck, he set traps.
Those who survived endured unimaginable hunger, thirst, and brutality-and an epic trek across the unmapped desert to freedom.
There is a ten-mile loop open to visitors that wish to observe the herds moving across the land.
Banking markets across the world have become increasingly concentrated over the past few decades.
In a curious predator-prey role reversal, the pronghorn antelope pursued a coyote across a knoll.
The latest studies survey swathes of entire genomes and produce maps of human movements across much of the world.
In short, this will affect unrelated genes in randomly organized cells across the brain.
Thank you all for bearing with me here, but it's indeed a long, uphill struggle to get across a breakthrough concept.
She lived near a gas station and across the street from an intersection choked with exhaust-spewing cars and buses.
My husband happened to be up in the middle of the night and discovered a bedbug walking across the sheet.
The voltage across a discharge tube will accelerate a free electron up to some maximum kinetic energy.
Once again, a survey that measures within city limits rather than across metro regions may be producing misleading results.
His outlook on life and his approach to living is not one that you run across often.
Cars were invented, meaning you had no excuse for not traveling across town.
Then planes removed any excuse to not travel across the country.
Sightseeing across the country in an atomic-powered pleasure ball.
Travel across the continent and discover all it has to offer.
Their warnings crawl across television screens in every season.
We sat on the roof deck, where the ambience was ultra-simple: a sheet of brown paper laid across a picnic table.
From there, it spread across the country by way of shipping routes and interstates.
The painting contrasts the vast number of bison swimming across the river with the handful of explorers in a rowboat.
Behind the epithelial lining of the foramen the choroid plexuses of the lateral ventricles are joined across the middle line.
Hyacinth macaws screamed harshly as they flew across the river.
From the other end of the table he reached across for the cheese.
The discovery will help scientists understand how the glowing proteins evolved across the animal kingdom, the scientists say.
Successful play necessarily requires a degree of selfishness, but across the animal kingdom species have evolved social behaviors.
There is a yawning gap of sky nearly a billion light-years across that contains no matter, a new study suggests.
Cable and satellite television are growing quickly, supplying more channels to more people across the world.
Across the developing world, corner shops are where people buy vouchers to top up their calling credit.
But among instructors across the nation, holdouts clearly remain.
We have multiple instructors across multiple sections of an intro course.
Business models across the education ecosystem are changing.
Simple formatting is possible, and you can sync your notes across machines in a variety of ways.
The committee has agreed to explore credit transfers, exchange programs, and quality control in universities across the region.
Bread: a simple staple at the center of almost any meal, on every table, across the globe.
Then it's then time to dig in with our picks for the five best mail-order hams from across the country.
His disappearance was being reported on the morning news, his image flashed on television screens across the country.
Students have to demonstrate intellectual ability over time and across a range of subjects.
He was at a midweek dinner party and he turned to his neighbor across the table.
Mamie said that she would meet the others at a restaurant across the street, then disappeared, boyfriend in tow.
We often ran across them in the restaurant or in the lobby.
Meanwhile the first fawn tiptoed to- ward the shallow brook, in little stops and goes, and started across.
The newest works pair rectangular one-color canvases, one mounted diagonally across the other.
Changes in one part of the network can have far reaching across consequences on other parts of the network.
The interface between the two materials can be switched from insulating to conducting by applying a voltage across the interface.
These high-energy interactions can, under the right conditions, pull objects across the water.
To perform procedures, surgeons sit at a console across the room from the patient.
The size of a coffee mug, the cylindrical robot slides across a round meter-sized playpen on an apparently chaotic path.
The new instrument uses an extremely small silicon tip that is rapidly scanned across the surface of the substrate.
The hydroxyl ions are conducted across the polymer membrane, generating an external electrical current.
Evaporative cooling--blowing air across a wet surface to promote evaporation--has long been used in so-called swamp coolers.
The lightweight devices track the animals in their migrations across the ocean.
Tourists click photos, office workers hurry across the cobblestone paths, and everyone is perfectly dry.
And luckily for us, many of the genes which are implicated in pigment variation produce similar changes across diverse taxa.
As it moves from the top left to the bottom right, its tail fans out across the green galaxy cluster.
The infectiousness of laughter even works across species.
All across the world, the sort of culture you live in has something to do with the ecosystem around it.
Its wings stretch more than two light-years across-equivalent to about half the distance between our sun and the nearest star.
Both have large, rectangular bars going across their centers.
Apparently wormlike creatures had evolved by this time and were slithering across the seafloor.
If you're lucky, maybe you'll get noticed by the real eye candy across the room.
With remarkable ease, they can scamper across ceilings and up smooth vertical surfaces, and they do so at speed.
These markers can be traced to relatively specific times and places as humans moved across the globe.
There's not a doubt in my mind that audiences across the spectrum will respond to the film's novel approach to sci-fi.
It has old antique stores, where one can come across anything from vintage clothes to antique art pieces to furniture.
So the zombies have to keep coming at you, crawling over the walls and across the ceiling.
Across these different regions, the deforested landscapes had been carved by human beings.
The overall economy is crashing, with drastic power cuts across the country as industry shuts down.
The same calculation is being made now in cities across the country.
Across the globe, the literary frame of mind is growing more homogeneous.
As presented in the exhibition, he comes across instead as an inspired poet.
The high level of talent attracts bettors from across the globe.
Diners can search across any number of criteria, including location, cuisine or a specific dish.
For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life.
Across countries and faiths, the devout believe the power of the spirit can heal the ills of the flesh.
Depending on the instrument, the player may draw a bow across the strings or pluck or strum the strings with his or her fingers.

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