acrobatics in a sentence

Example sentences for acrobatics

Some squid don't rely on such subtle aerial acrobatics.
Governments once turned a blind eye to their wealthy citizens' offshore tax acrobatics.
True, she comes from an academic environment, therefore her political acrobatics sometime lack in finesse.
Shops and restaurants line the beach, and entertainers perform beach acrobatics, making this a busy place.
The show goes on nightly unless weather conditions make the fire and acrobatics too dangerous to perform.
In the winter months, migrating humpback whales make a ruckus right off shore, thrilling onlookers with their mating acrobatics.
It's home to big production high-diving aerial shows and water acrobatics with the ocean as a backdrop.
Then there are three stilt dancers moving through the crowd, doing acrobatics, and breathing fire.
It's show time, and at first the acrobatics got off to a wobbly start.
Mantas have few predators-only large sharks-so it's not known why they perform such aerial acrobatics.
They do a lot of acrobatics, things you don't usually think of a bird as doing.
Breeding season initiates a spectacular sequence of aerial acrobatics.
But for those of us involved in last-minute pie acrobatics, the best strategy might to go with pre-made.
Some of these acrobatics were quite exhilarating, as opposed to the wrenching, zigzag turns of the rest of the flight.
But when he does pull off the acrobatics, it can be marvelous.
Smashing indeed: things crash or explode here at regular intervals, with virtually nonstop acrobatics in between.
Everybody else, oh yeah, they're great singers-they do vocal acrobatics.
His robots have learned to perform flying acrobatics, tie surgical sutures, and neatly sort socks.
Not drearily earnest-he enjoyed the acrobatics of intellectualism as others enjoy baseball-but morally serious.
These acrobatics serve to distract the predator even further.
But if you can grab a branch that can absorb the shock, you can skip the fancy acrobatics.
Cirque has also sparked interest in vaudeville, acrobatics and street performance.
My dad started by teaching me juggling and acrobatics, and he sent me to dance school and music school.
Acrobatics consist of flying backward, vertical displays and circles.
In the world of insects they excel in speed, aerial acrobatics and ability to hover seemingly motionless in mid-air.
Dragonflies are excellent fliers that seem to be performing acrobatics.
Acrobatics consist of flying backwards, vertical displays and circles.
Ravens are excellent fliers, engaging in aerial acrobatics and sometimes soaring to great heights.
Swallows can be heard calling back and forth as they dart about over your head doing their acrobatics in the narrow canyon.
Adult falcons fly close to each other near the nesting cliff, feeding each other, and perform in-flight acrobatics.
Both are impressive fliers, capable of amazing aerial acrobatics.
All dragonflies are predators, known for their aerial acrobatics.
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