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Even now they are not safe, for despite their elegant history and their acrobatic grace, they are flawed creatures.
Much of the work of modern air-defence involves long-distance missile shots rather than acrobatic dog-fights.
The venues showcase acrobatic shows, circus and magic acts, and exotic animals.
When they finally did glimpse the mysterious lemurs, the acrobatic creatures fled too fast for observation.
Their courtship includes a spectacular aerial acrobatic dance.
Helicopters scout out the wild herds of horses, then round them up through a symphony of acrobatic maneuvers.
There are no obscure acrobatic troupes and no awkward high school students.
The show combines slam dunk basketball with acrobatic skills and a touch of comedy.
For example, fighter jets could be designed to be more acrobatic without risk of stall-induced crashes.
He made no reference whatever to his acrobatic landing and his manner discouraged any questions.
Acrobatic instruction is a skill unto itself and not all flight instructors have been exposed to it.
They are commonly observed engaging in acrobatic activities, such as lobtailing and breaching.
These gregarious dolphins often engage in acrobatic activity, breaching and jumping at the surface.
Their swimming behavior is often described as acrobatic due to their frequent aerial activity, such as jumping and spinning.
All are outstanding well known acrobatic instructors.
Planned acts include a parachute jumper, a wing walker and vintage aircraft doing acrobatic maneuvers.
Other behaviors seen in humpback whales can include acrobatic displays.
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