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Example sentences for acquitted

Fish-farm lice acquitted of killing wild fish.
It doesn't matter if the suspect was charged or even acquitted.
He was acquitted for lack of evidence.
The judge is condemned when the guilty is acquitted.
Blake was acquitted of murder charges in a criminal trial last March.
What I'm really curious about is the faculty appeals board that basically acquitted him.
If he's acquitted, he can go home.
After 19 days of deliberations, the jury acquitted one of the five .
Though acquitted, he had to pay heavy costs.
As for the ruling, I would have been surprised if they acquitted him.
Even when the defense succeeds, the acquitted usually end up with sentences similar to or longer than those for convictions.
After two trials he was acquitted by a now-exhausted court.
In these missions, and in several others of inferior importance, he acquitted himself with great dexterity.
The jury nonetheless acquitted him after ten minutes of deliberation.
If the witch was acquitted, the accuser might have to pay all costs, and could also be sued for slander.
Two have ended in mistrials and three individuals have been acquitted.
They were acquitted, after the public spent a lot of money on a special prosecutor.
When they did, those results exonerated the defendant, who was acquitted.
Two years later the eight players were banned from the sport for life, despite having been acquitted by a jury.
The commander-in-chief was quickly seen to take command, and then acquitted himself with credit.
Although the policy didn't cover criminal charges, he qualified once he was acquitted.
But he was acquitted of charges of conspiring to distribute steroids to wrestlers.
The jury convicted on some counts and acquitted on others.
And he says even if the drivers are acquitted they may not get their cars back.
Lots were drawn for the menus and everybody acquitted themselves conscientiously, if without enthusiasm, at their task.
The author represented himself at the trial and was acquitted.
After four days of trial the nurse was acquitted and the doctor was given a one-year suspended sentence.
Eventually, the other businessmen charged in the case were acquitted.

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