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Example sentences for acquit

If the defense can make the case for reasonable doubt, the jury is supposed to acquit.
In both courts, the judges direct their juries to acquit.
In a dramatic win nine years ago, he persuaded a jury to acquit.
You don't need proof to acquit someone, you need proof to convict someone.
If you believe everything the defendant's attorney and his witnesses have said, you will acquit him.
He was impeached and then acquitted in a 1999 trial.
In this instance, he needs to be prosecuted so that the jury can acquit, and put the matter to rest.
It can take only a single obscure detail, they said, to acquit a work of art.
That was a criminal issue, and the criminal jury acquitted him 16 months ago.
When he does fight, he doesn't acquit himself well.
It is impossible to acquit him of self-seeking in his use of the orator's opportunities.
Once the compensation is paid to the widower or widow, his or her written receipt thereof shall acquit the employer.
The jury must be unanimous in order to convict or acquit the defendant.

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