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To assess the skills students acquired elsewhere seemed an imprecise task.
Neanderthal man, however, passed on his painfully acquired knowledge of how to chip a flint so as to get a sharp edge.
Maybe we should be having studies of humans and their very distorted view of wildlife acquired from television.
He acquired some distinction as an advocate.
This is also the permanent home of her many paintings and sculptures, all acquired in the past three decades.
The amount realized on the sale was far in excess of the salvage value that had been assigned to the asset when it was acquired.
Buzz began last year when Doubleday acquired the book for $1.25 million.
Input is the energy acquired from foods, output is the energy expended through physical activity.
He acquired that stock upon reorganization, in exchange for the collapsible values of the predecessor corporation.
His love for golf was an acquired taste.
Over the ages, diamonds acquired a mystique as symbols of wealth and power.
Still others, acquired more recently, represent photography as a technology or an art form.
Over the past few years, biofuels have acquired an almost magical appeal for environmentalists and investors alike.
At the time, auctions generally operated as a wholesale market, where dealers acquired stock.
Some of the mice glowed more than others, depending on how many copies of the jellyfish gene they acquired.
Another possibility is that the human coronavirus acquired genes from another, more virulent virus.
According to the researchers, the study challenges theories about when and where humans acquired modern bodies and behaviors.
It's also perplexing why features acquired for life in water so many millions of years ago should have been retained, he added.
The field, which had been left open, acquired tons of sediment from the river and grew higher by five or six feet.
And that-the inheritance of an acquired characteristic-is quite startling.
Psychologists are divided over whether genius is innate or acquired.
But the gain from an option is taxable as soon as the shares are acquired.
In the event it proved a nervous moment-there were only two bidders-and whoever acquired it has not been showing it off.
Experiments on rats suggest that a taste for junk food can be acquired in the womb.
Yet it is a taste that many have, sometimes unwittingly, acquired.
But the way he acquired his new job may illustrate rivalries within the emirate's ruling family.
Ultimately, he hopes, the acquired eco know-how can be exported to other places.
Nor were markets quite strong enough for managers to offload the companies they had acquired earlier in the decade.
Thanks to issues relating to its previous use, the site has been acquired at an advantageous price.
Some maladies are rich and precious and only to be acquired by the right of inheritance or purchased with gold.
They had generally acquired some of the vices of civilization, but none of the virtues, except in individual cases.
His skill in the details of business had not been acquired at the expense of his general powers.
Some practice is required to knead quickly, but the motion once acquired will never be forgotten.
But to become skilful at sea will not easily be acquired by them.
They tried to attain by joint resolution a degree of editorial self-restraint which few individual editors had as yet acquired.
Whether the advantages which one country has over another, be natural or acquired, is in this respect of no consequence.
Buildings simply are too small to shelve every book acquired in the past in addition to new publications.
Students do not come to college armed with those skills, nor are they likely to be acquired without guidance.
Accordingly, more and more auto mechanics have acquired specialized training and educational credentials to match.
Our good fortune should not be considered typical, expected, or easily acquired.
We have all acquired various coping skills, often without giving our methods much thought.
The books she has acquired over her career give you some sense of her interests.
In it, he discusses some of the knowledge that people had acquired about human limits.
The agency is required by law to inspect and monitor kennels to ensure that the animals have been legally acquired.
It holds some securities it acquired in connection with the financial crisis as well.
Human society has acquired a digital dimension with new, cross-cutting power relationships.
The education that is required for neurosurgery and other kinds of knowledge work can be acquired only through formal schooling.
By that time he has possibly acquired sense and probably manners.
Ramp jelly is probably an acquired taste, but it's traditional at some ramp festivals.
What would be interesting would be the hospital staff's ability to fight off infection once acquired.
But the tumors that afflict us are not foreign parasites that have acquired sophisticated strategies for attacking our bodies.
These fish have acquired a taste for humans largely because they have little choice.
Wild plants belonging to the same species and to a different species in the same genus also acquired the modified gene.
Hatred is fear and acquired powerlessness in the face of a perceived injustice.
Indeed, paleontologists have long puzzled over how turtles acquired their odd traits and who their closest relatives are.
Some biologists have proposed that bats evolved echolocation to aid in hunting insects before they acquired flight.
There is no consideration for what to do with it when it is acquired.
Industry then acquired what worked, the wheat from the chaff, at huge discount vs in-house pursuit.
The poles were still slender, but they'd acquired bulk, solidity.
The tie had been taken off but thrown back and he had acquired it after he'd unlaced the shoes.
By the late forties, he had acquired a reputation as a serious new musical voice.
What is suggested here is that the allegory is anti-poetical, and that what is acquired with toil is mostly toil.
Some of my recently acquired habits strike me as curious.
What at the time was a simple exercise in entertaining a charity audience acquired in retrospect the weight of an omen or a hex.
Ah, that would explain how that snowman in the forest acquired a human head.
It resounded in the minds and memories of literate people, as well as of those who acquired it only by listening.
He's acquired the lacquered sheen of a wedding-cake groom that makes his every move stiff and dramatically false.
Chosen had acquired a bit of a reputation in the battalion, however.
Emmet is forced to quit his newly acquired residency to join in what will in all likelihood be a dead-end search for his father.
But, by and large, she retained the ladylike modulations she had so carefully acquired.
Our faces, these scientists have shown, acquired some of their basic form more than half a billion years ago.
The remaining question is whether our good-mate template is acquired or innate.
Only a few mutations in this gene conferred resistance, and each strain had acquired them independently.
But suppose you want to equate the rat's learned behavior with a human's experience of acquired fear.
Polio is largely an intestinal disease transmitted through raw sewage, as is immunity acquired.
Fifteen of them married, and a few acquired stepchildren through their wives' former marriages.
Evolution has made it so that the acquired norms appropriately regulate behavior, but it hasn't inbuilt the norms themselves.
All at once, however, they've acquired some serious company.
It is almost guaranteed that these parodies brought the movie and the actor more fame than they would have acquired otherwise.
Where they are available, they tend to be acquired errorlessly.
Perhaps because of that unusually universal recognition, the word has more recently acquired almost magical qualities.
The value of newly acquired whiteness is often measured in dollars and cents.
One acquired this home in much the same way one acquired a freshman roommate-by sending a picture and filling out a form.
The unemployed or underemployed lose such skills as they have acquired and become chronically superfluous to the economy.
They are the artistic expression of a newly acquired bourgeois freedom.
Statehood acquired the trappings of a national cause but it never truly matched national aspirations.

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