acquiescence in a sentence

Example sentences for acquiescence

Their best hope of avoiding war lies in their extraordinary acquiescence.
The great sin of the public is acquiescence in this secrecy.
His ready acquiescence both pleases and disquiets them.
Although eventually dissatisfaction grew, the extent of acquiescence to long schedules remained puzzling.
Neither the railroad's concept of the petitioner's status nor his acquiescence was determinative, the Court said.
It was not without the acquiescence or cooperation of the locals.
Opposition and human-rights people could be frightened into acquiescence.
Scrutiny gave way to acquiescence.
Every influence tended to lull her into acquiescence.
Twain is obviously eager to please, and still trying to decide whether her audience is buying her pugnacity or her acquiescence.
And it protects people where their acquiescence has been forced upon them by reasonable fears.

Famous quotes containing the word acquiescence

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