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Example sentences for acquiesce

Avoiding public tantrums is a major reason we acquiesce and buy our kids junk.
But we need not acquiesce to either the temptation of war or to the risks of a steady drift toward containment.
It looks like "grow up" means to just shut up and accept, to acquiesce and go with the status quo.
Well, when an alligator demands your pajamas, all you can do is acquiesce.
Elizabeth said no more; but her mind could not acquiesce.
This re-sourcing strategy upset the local suppliers, but they initially had little alternative but to acquiesce.
Some embrace it, some grudgingly acquiesce to it and plenty reject it.
It would probably not acquiesce to a big overseas takeover by the firm, preferring it to spend on creating jobs at home.
The public, we do not doubt, will acquiesce in the propriety of this decision.
Privileged politicians in power will always want their subjects to acquiesce and conform to their rule.
To acquiesce in discrepancy is destructive of candor and of moral cleanliness.
He would acquiesce in the flow and drift of things of which he found himself a part, and rejoice that it was such a whole.
They would actively campaign for rejection but let the referendum go through and, however reluctantly, acquiesce in its results.
He may eventually have to acquiesce, although he has plenty of other programs to fill the gap.
They knew you didn't have to acquiesce, didn't have to be drab.
The poor are especially likely to be targeted for demands for bribes and acquiesce to them, he says.
Therefore, it does not acquiesce in the result or the reasoning of the decision.
We do not, however, acquiesce to the opinion and will continue to litigate our position in cases in other circuits.
The customer must request or acquiesce to the renewal directly without any intervention by the original broker.
Groups such as these would organize strikes and boycotts in order to get management to acquiesce to their demands.
In response, the teens might acquiesce to what they think an interviewer wants to hear to avoid trouble with their parents.

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