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They will acquaint you with the vocabulary and the range of concerns seldom discussed in your graduate seminars.
Look at the slide show and acquaint yourself with a few of them you may never take a bunny for granted again.
Partly there is a need to acquaint readers of the book with the basic principles of a bill of exchange.
Either way, these are people whom children will be eager to acquaint themselves with.
So's she could acquaint herself with the thing in no hurry and know what she was doing when the time came.
Those experiences have permitted me to acquaint myself with scores of truly intelligent and thoughtful hosts and speakers.
Acquaint yourself with the lake's seasons, size restrictions and daily limits.
Acquaint yourself with tide charts and use caution near points and the outer part of the bay.
Do your research, acquaint yourself with the the basics of primary data.
Today the plan was to reacquaint the dogs and acquaint the writer.
Here's a step-by-step guide to help acquaint you with the process.
Before you comment on immigration matters, you should better acquaint yourself with the law.
Meanwhile, acquaint yourself with the difference between editing and censorship.
We must now look more closely at these elements and acquaint ourselves with the stuff of language.
Developers say building blogs can help acquaint buyers with out-of-the-way destinations.
Regardless of your method of transport, you'll need to acquaint yourself with the geography of this complicated city.
To begin with he would have to acquaint himself as minutely as he could with the former life which he wished to re-establish.
Orientation will be conducted to acquaint you with services available at the medical center where you serve.
Also take time to acquaint yourself with the area's rich history.
The purpose of this material is to acquaint the public with this function and to provide a brief description of these hearings.
To acquaint students with proven harvesting and storage procedures.
Here are some activities to acquaint third graders with the concept of cultural interaction.
To acquaint students with swine nutrition and feeding requirements.
If selected, you will receive training to acquaint you with the park and your specific duties.

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