acknowledgement in a sentence

Example sentences for acknowledgement

He had received no acknowledgement as of last night.
They just copied it from us without acknowledgement.
But redemption must start with acknowledgement of wrongdoing.
This is a clear acknowledgement of the need to improve corporate governance.
Make sure you get an acknowledgement from the charity for your tax records.
Future cooperation will require an acknowledgement of current differences.
Also, when I send the grades, there is no acknowledgement of them.
Finally some well deserved acknowledgement.
When a few hardy souls tried, they received scarcely an acknowledgement.
Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source.
Thank you for the acknowledgement and the correction.
Everyone's name shows up on the acknowledgement slide.
If he hasn't received appropriate acknowledgement, he might send it again.
Not only is it disrespectful to that film, it's also an acknowledgement that you aren't known for much else.
Eventually the dancer slowed, then left the stage, with no acknowledgement of any sort to the crowd.
Here is the first page, the acknowledgement of hardship.
There is acknowledgement that practices can be improved to make the science better.
The connection: a perverse acknowledgement of limitations.

Famous quotes containing the word acknowledgement

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