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People more widely acknowledged as heroes represent a broad range of acts considered heroic.
They are widely acknowledged to inspire travel to those destinations.
It's true, males are more outgoing, and it is widely acknowledged that females are far more subtle in their attacks.
The copyrights of authors and publishers are acknowledged.
For years, top officials at the agency acknowledged that lawsuits could aid the agency's oversight of safety issues.
Denham, the college's president, acknowledged that the school was doing well and could operate independently of the college.
But from the moment they did, everyone acknowledged that.
The respective copyrights of authors and publishers are acknowledged.
University officials acknowledged deficiencies in current procedures and said they would consider the audit's recommendations.
Remarkably, no historical records acknowledged the existence of this army, so they were lost to time.
The company acknowledged that it had some work to do.
Within modern society, there are two things that cannot be acknowledged.
But the authors argue that rather than introducing a methodological flaw, they simply acknowledged a shared point of reference.
The developer of that calculator acknowledged the error and has alerted potential users to the problem.
The stock market dips on rumors of bad news and flips up on knowledge that the bad news is acknowledged.
Less acknowledged are botched conservation strategies that for decades have failed the tiger.
Knowing that you are working for a dog is not particularly motivating, whereas working for an acknowledged star usually is.
However, the genetic component is real as acknowledged.
More secrets may be revealed by research into the skeleton's more acknowledged role of scaffolding.
Politicians have acknowledged the crippling cost of medicine, yet their proposals do little to fix these basic flaws.
He acknowledged that the challenge to increase the number of people with some higher education is daunting.
Puerperal fever came to be acknowledged to have one cause, an iatrogenic cause, absence of physician prophylaxis.
The company has not acknowledged a manufacturing defect.
Others acknowledged the potential risks of universities working more closely with industry.
Yet they are almost never even acknowledged, much less seen or heard in the library's films and recordings.
Even his critics acknowledged that he could not be bribed, corrupted or compromised.
The incomparable brilliancy of its diction and versification are merits which, to be acknowledged, need only to be mentioned.
Most journals have quickly acknowledged receipt and told me they would send it out to reviewers.
Some of the authors acknowledged doubts going into the experiment.
She was married three times, but generally acknowledged having had only two husbands.
And what's never acknowledged in the series is the fact that what we're seeing is only one writer's reality.
He repeated the phrase slowly, as though the thought had never occurred to him, and acknowledged that could be what was happening.
Even where the re-write was acknowledged, all focus remained on my initial, rough argument.
Fight or flight was one way of dealing with stress, she acknowledged, but there was another option: tend and befriend.
They've pretty consistently neglected to point out that the people they're mainly arguing against always acknowledged that.
It isn't necessary for you to understand it, only to know that biologists are scientists acknowledged by other scientists.
Plait acknowledged that the moon has an impact on us, repeatedly.
It should be acknowledged that inward migration from neighboring countries and a high birthrate are factors.
But in a much-publicised speech this week, he acknowledged the growing public demand for a say in politics.
Failures also need to be more frankly acknowledged, so that philanthropists can learn from each other's mistakes.
At the same time, he acknowledged that there was no going back.
Receipt of entries will not be acknowledged or returned.
Until this is acknowledged, the problem will remain.
For some this may be through violence or by seeking romance, but it is about being acknowledged.
Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.
He acknowledged that turnout was low and said his campaign had anticipated a slightly larger number of votes.
It is less universally acknowledged that it is a novel about money, too.
The appeal is strong, invigorating, and should be acknowledged.
Second, euthanasia of newborns has been acknowledged.
It is a truth nearly universally acknowledged that programmers and engineers cannot design good user interfaces.
The decline of literature has already been acknowledged implicitly in the general case made for good usage.
The commodity, it was universally acknowledged, had been degraded.
Since state enterprises usually cannot repay these loans, they remain on the books as acknowledged or unacknowledged bad debt.
Although the two suffering families were within a few feet of each other, neither acknowledged the other's presence.
Aldermen eventually acknowledged the cameras were a way to raise revenue during tough financial times.

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