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But they need to be prepared to acknowledge receipt of those materials in a timely and professional manner.
Yet many people in the news media apparently can't bring themselves to acknowledge this simple reality.
Many schools acknowledge holidays in a social studies context.
Even die-hard optimists now acknowledge that the ad market is a mess.
It is the poisonous elephant in the room that no one will acknowledge.
Stadium managers acknowledge that most players prefer grass--if it is in pristine condition.
The first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem.
Local officials acknowledge the blunder, but they have told reporters that they simply have no money for replacement signs.
We regret that we are unable to acknowledge letters.
Officials say no decision has been made, but acknowledge wide-ranging talks .
On climate, in particular, a huge swathe of the American elite has simply refused to acknowledge any sort of duty or obligation.
Scientists rarely acknowledge the presence of energy that they cannot measure and monitor on a sensor.
But even they acknowledge that there is no definitive proof to identify the source of the chemicals.
The researchers acknowledge that there are gaps in the volcanoes theory.
Commercial fishing takes its toll on the species, and not all of the countries responsible acknowledge the problem.
Teachers acknowledge that part of the inefficiency is that the kids are spread so thin.
So to start with, let's acknowledge that our lecturers and preceptors are still our graduate students.
Theologians know, and acknowledge quite explicitly, exactly what they are doing--and it is not apologetics.
That's particularly so when they don't powerfully denounce evil acts, or acknowledge the fear and hostility such acts evoke.
It's important to acknowledge that when you discuss the brain only in terms of proteins and enzymes, you're missing something.
Purebred wild water buffaloes may already have disappeared from the world, scientists acknowledge.
It is the only dictator that freemen acknowledge, and the only security which freemen desire.
For the residue acknowledge it for the head city, because there is the council house.
Nevertheless, let us acknowledge our age's part and superiority in greatness.
Both acknowledge that patients often benefit from their own expectations.
It would be more correct to acknowledge the sun as electrical, and the nuclear action subsidiary.
Also, complainers are always louder and more certain than proponents--reasonable people acknowledge flaws.
But the government itself has refused to acknowledge them.
No one can acknowledge that forest fires occur naturally.
We need to acknowledge these differences and enact cycle-proof regulation.
Mining bosses acknowledge that prices may be more volatile as a result of such investment.
We have a human obligation to acknowledge the undercurrents of dissent in our world community.
They are yet to acknowledge and spell out the implications of the slump for their own fair-weather public-spending commitments.
Labour might also have to acknowledge that it was wrong to run a budget deficit during the boom years.
The authors do acknowledge some limitations with their study, including the small number of heart problems overall.
Millions gather each week to acknowledge their higher power.
In an election year, politicians can't be expected to acknowledge their powerlessness.
It's time for us to acknowledge that a rising tide does not lift all boats.
She doesn't speak, doesn't even raise her head to acknowledge him.
At novel's opening, the residents acknowledge their own place in history and a war, and the menace that is imminent.
Finally, no country wants to publicly acknowledge that it can't afford to raise its own children.
To do so is to acknowledge that they might have some role in your life.
People don't want to acknowledge it, but the useful life of a tunnel does exist, and at some point they start to fail.
To reconcile with someone, you must acknowledge his demands.
Nothing in his previous behavior had indicated that he was aware of, or willing to acknowledge, the danger on his back.
It's one thing for a politician to acknowledge an awakening.
And as such, even if you present undeniable evidence, they will never acknowledge it.
The rest of us have no choice but to acknowledge our frailties.
To develop a definition that does not acknowledge this plain fact in some way would in my mind be equally unsatisfactory.
The ones who remain dominant figure out that they need to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of their playmates.
Or even acknowledge that there are competing theories.
Within any broad family of cuisines one must acknowledge both the unity and diversity.
There were too many people to acknowledge, to thank, to bequeath final bouquets.
We had both spent much of our lives in the back of beyond, serving governments that preferred not to have to acknowledge us.
Not that he was ready to acknowledge his own mortality.
It was to acknowledge an emergent cultural consensus.
All three groups acknowledge that the reported energy behind the tea party movement doesn't have a particularly narrow focus.
There isn't another choice, except the obvious choice, which is to acknowledge that the time is not ripe for a two-state solution.
His best friend refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of his problem.
What it takes to succeed as a thriller writer-even when the literary establishment doesn't acknowledge your existence.
Even his critics acknowledge his foreign policy expertise.
People using our data on popular names are urged to explicitly acknowledge the following qualifications.
For one thing, sadness is unavoidable, so acknowledge it.
The fairest way to explain the situation would be to acknowledge that the evidence is mixed.
It is important to acknowledge, first of all, that advances have been made.
It is important to acknowledge that these data are preliminary and correlational in nature, and as such are only suggestive.
Few seem to acknowledge that the protein component, the embryo of the grain, is sold and utilized as feed for livestock.
Carmakers acknowledge the transmission changes are to blame, but maintain they pose no safety problem.
They acknowledge, however, that more research is needed.
Even those who scorn the set's popularity acknowledge its mathematical significance.
It must be able to acknowledge and remove character defects.
We have benefited from their insights, and gratefully acknowledge their contributions.
He fails to acknowledge that his principled stand on immigration was torpedoed by his own party.
Only now has he been forced to acknowledge that there was a flaw in his argument.
Bravery on the battlefield is not uncommon, but bravery to face up to and acknowledge uncomfortable truths is unique.
Anyone who has visited the office would readily acknowledge this mistake.
They fail to acknowledge the misery in the world, and live in emotionally gated communities.

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