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Example sentences for aching

We parked on the outskirts in the shade of a gum tree and stretched our aching bodies.
Don't let aching feet prevent you from seeing every sight on your travels.
Then you have this feeling of miserable, aching cold, deep inside you.
My nose is less congested and the aching in my throat has subsided.
The screws in the boardwalk have been embedded for so long that it's tough to get them out and my hand is aching.
Although my limbs were aching and there were still some tricky moves ahead, victory suddenly seemed possible.
We have a dedicated herb garden in our backyard that is aching for the appropriate planting.
Used to have aching jaws in the am from grinding my teeth with tension at night.
It's easy for even unlicensed amateurs to notice that any language, including ours, has gaps aching to be filled.
Sometimes they wake up with jaws aching from grinding their teeth at night.
It is a little throbbing, a little aching, and a lot of pressure and tightening.
My fingers were cramped and my wrist started aching after a while.
The withdrawal pains were so unbearable, he fantasized about cutting off his legs to stop the aching.
Bone pain or tenderness is aching or other discomfort in one or more bones.
The area is likely to lack sensitivity to touch, although there may be an aching pain.
The heat feels so good, especially when you are chilled to the bone or aching in every muscle and joint.
If now he lowered the table to his waistbands, and stooped over it in writing, then there was a sore aching in his back.
Remember that eyes filmed with tears and an aching heart can not follow rhetorical lengths of writing.
The doctors often recommend the expensive imported ones for his own considerations, claiming that injection is not so aching.
And how mornings feel when everyone starts with dull, aching pain.
The major ones are so large that it would take many hours and cause much aching of feet to see all they have on display.
There is also spa time in the schedule to soothe aching muscles.
She drew a shudder of breath into her aching lungs, and the roaring seemed to recede.
The old basketball star walks gingerly on aching knees.
All are aching to do so, as they know that mobile data is the future, so there's much money to be made on it.
Throwing awkwardly on his return, he soon found that his elbow and shoulder were aching, too.
Today, he departed with a hung-down head, leaving me with an aching heart.
The image was devastating, of course, with an aching beauty to it.
Evidence of our aching need for animal companionship doesn't stop there.
It is simply not true that the population lives in aching want and under constant police terror.
Yet no great evil is done by these fat bankers aching to be nonsectarian.
There's often a wait, and there's no privacy as aching tourist bodies lie side by side.
Her bones were aching all over, and she was unable to move.
My spindly knees started aching after less than an hour.
The hospital is a place of aching feet in wide, thick rubber-bottomed, stand-all-day-long shoes.
It's supposed to combat depression, ease aching joints and possibly revitalize the liver.
There's an aching feeling that my folks should be in the next room, or pulling up in the driveway.
They're aching emotional savants with deep wounds that require constant, uh, licking.
Q--My gums have been aching consistently around the tooth line for three months.
Jimmy went to a veterans' hospital or clinic, to have his aching leg examined.
Bond felt his lungs burning and eyes aching with concentration.

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