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Some appear to be searching for a sense of power and achievement, or for fame and attention.
This is an impressive technical achievement.
They, moreover, can be deeply inspired by the challenge and opportunity that lie ahead for still greater achievements.
You may arrive a little footsore, but the sense of achievement and sheer originality will more than compensate.
Legitimate achievement deserves recognition; self-esteem merits none.
In the presence of the playwright's achievement, the historian—or a participant—can only stand in the wings and applaud.
The need to constantly pursue sponsors leaves Gordon with a different sense of achievement than most of his peers.
Find out the latest achievements in round-the-world sailing.
But the novel's true achievement is one of tone and voice.
The vaccinal eradication of smallpox was a watershed achievement.
But in the main his popularity depends on the excellence and the limits of his achievement.
Their aim and their achievement have to content themselves chiefly with moral rather than with mental success-Spectator.
There are two kinds of success, or rather two kinds of ability displayed in the achievement of success.
Rationality is the crowning achievement of our species.
Free will is a construct that exists to justify a system of evaluating beings on their moral achievement.
Even as happiness, perfection is a process not an achievement.
It would be an awesome achievement, but we're not there yet.
We experience lifetimes of great achievement in reward for our good karma.
He is more likely to want them bound and preserved, a memorial to his personal achievement.
Such an achievement requires a strong educational underpinning, especially at its universities.
Since tenure requires such achievement, it's easy to see why no one is ever tenured.
Research, she says, shows a real link between good attendance and student achievement.
There are many good ideas for enhancing college achievement and helping more undergraduates succeed.
Yes, too many people view a college degree as a ticket to a job instead of a certificate of achievement in a given area.
The desire to read ahead is supposed to signal ambition and achievement.
Anyone used to being praised for academic achievement.
Count me among those who consider this an awesome achievement.
The statistics of carnage, however, are only a small part of terror's achievement.
Native intelligence and academic achievement do lift many poor students into college.
The point is that for some time the center of gravity for achievement has been shifting away from the topmost colleges.
They have felt within themselves the stir of achievement.
Despite this early, negative publicity, the film stands as a commercial and artistic achievement.
It's an event full of incredible human achievement and endurance.
Its signal achievement seemed to be stopping for a stop sign at an otherwise unoccupied intersection.
It would become an achievement that even the uninitiated can recognize as an impressive feat of engineering.
It's all quite an achievement for a onetime broken-down drunk.
He said he agreed to come this year because they gave him the lifetime achievement award, ha ha.
Still, the inventor squeezed a lot of achievement out of these early years.
It's all about achievement outpacing socioeconomic expectations.
The question is whether the intervening list is an accurate ranking of achievement.
It's not a scientific achievement, it's a political achievement.
For the newly literate, flipping through a newspaper in public is a potent and satisfying symbol of achievement.
Unloading this vast plant would have been an achievement at any price.
At a time of economic turmoil, that is a priceless achievement.
The achievement of economic and financial stability in the past few years has in turn seen productivity growth rise.
By the president's own account, health reform is his proudest achievement, one that would justify his election on its own.
Second and third teams are named and each receive certificates of achievement.
In the presence of the playwright's achievement, the historian-or a participant-can only stand in the wings and applaud.
All things considered, it was quite an achievement for three people our age.
The manipulation of light seems, at first blush, a uniquely human achievement.
The achievement raises the possibility that genetically engineered pigs could be reared as organ donors, researchers say.
While that may sound overly picky, it's actually a significant achievement, and worth noting.
There is no small relationship between modern technological achievement and science.
The rest do it for the achievement, the social aspects and largely, because the game was fun and immersive.
It's a great achievement, and anyone can see how it could be useful.
The unambiguous factuality of a single achievement is adamantine.
But his achievement, it turns out, is far less of a piece than might have been thought.
Despite many setbacks, there is a real record of achievement here, continuing today.
Employees started wearing their badges around town as a sign of their achievement.
The authors acknowledge the findings don't fully explain the link between number sense and math achievement in school.
The surface of its unshowy prose disguises an enormous achievement for the realist political novel.
Headlessness will be cloning's crowning achievement.
But in the meantime let's pause to appreciate the artistic achievement.
He has a record of achievement in both the public and private sectors.
We must improve achievement to maintain our economic leadership.

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