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But his administration has done little to achieve that goal, which is inadequate to begin with.
They find delight in accomplishment as they achieve their goal of a toy out of reach.
Many people struggle mightily to achieve and are of course disappointed by less successful outcomes.
In a strange way, my failures in the academic world had helped me achieve that goal on a bigger stage.
But if it is to achieve the goal of development over the next decade, more reform will be needed.
Yet the chancellor's powers to achieve this goal are limited.
The ultimate goal is to get the bird into orbit, but they have a number of flight milestones to achieve.
She put a clothespin on her nose and worked to bring her voice down a register, to achieve clarity and depth.
E-content sales, meanwhile, are expected to achieve an annual rate of $400 million by the end of the fiscal year in April.
It is what you 'want' to acchieve that is making your brain adapt in order to be able to achieve it.
To achieve that goal, background investigations are conducted on all final applicants recommended for employment.
We chat and work together to achieve our objectives.
What matters is the good example she set for other people trying to achieve their dreams.
Such a high degree of alignment was not easy to achieve.
Pythagoras was the first person recorded to use sensory deprivation in order to achieve heightened consciousness.
Rallying for these public spaces rather than buying things, she argues, should be what we use shopping to achieve.
Without the truth, there would be no way to achieve world peace.
They find ways to achieve sustainability without the official stamp.
But it is not enough to achieve these purposes alone.
Not a few achieve place and prominence in their new surroundings.
They achieve longevity through our pens and printing presses, magnetic tapes and optical disks.
He sometimes had to struggle against his own technique to achieve it.
Now he need only squeeze fresh oj to achieve an authentic flavor.
Colors that she can't achieve with glaze are slathered on in paint.
Hold on to your dreams and always strive to achieve your goals.
We will not achieve it by avoiding talk about politics.
It is uncertain whether it can actually achieve such a defeat.
Creative individuals and undeviating purpose and rationality achieve joy and fulfillment.
In the last year there have been several instances of dancers' ripping off the bandage to achieve artistic breakthroughs.
The report outlines how governments can achieve additional cuts through energy efficiency and investments in clean technologies.
The bank should achieve economies of scale by using a central back office to process the work of its far-flung operations.
To achieve a balanced diet, you must eat a variety of foods from each of the food groups.
She uses her voice to achieve a remarkable range of nuance.
What they share is willingness to use the same brutal tactics to achieve their goals.
Most do not achieve this until they are nine or ten years of age.
Also, manual control of exposure is difficult to achieve.
Amazon horned frogs achieve their enormous girth by being generally indiscriminate about what they eat.
We're creating habitat and recreation areas and trying to achieve multiple societal objectives with less water.
It is believed that a dip in its waters cleanses all the sins and is the surest way to achieve salvation from the cycles of life.
Perhaps this program can help to achieve those goals.
They also possess the ability-unique among sharks-of gulping air from the surface to achieve neutral buoyancy.
The global eradication effort did achieve some notable successes.
But much more needs to be done beyond sloganeering and catchphrases to actually achieve the happiness objective.
But while it does so it stands on the verge of making a similar mistake in its reliance on drones to achieve policy objectives.
But all the energy and social-media accoutrements didn't seem to achieve a whole lot.
There were always lots of different approaches that would achieve the same ends.
In the bodies of these carriers the disease could be mutating and becoming more virulent in an attempt to achieve airborne status.
And while some athletes might be able to achieve similar results in non-contact sports, others will not.
It will achieve nothing useful for your petrol consumption.
Moreover, the newer psychotherapies may provide advantages beyond what antidepressants alone can achieve.
What you want to achieve is curiosity and courage to try and this is much harder to achieve because it needs the right balance.
Now computer programmers are harnessing software versions of these same processes to achieve machine intelligence.
So ten minutes before bed focus all your thoughts on what your want to achieve at school in the future.
To achieve the far-fetched dream of cloaking a human being, for instance, a three-dimensional space would have to be concealed.
To achieve this amazing speed, the fly makes use of complex biomechanics.
Lastly, five is a big one: encourage innovation in technology and policy to achieve sustainability.
Once computers achieve a level of intelligence comparable to that of humans, they will necessarily soar past it.
Depressed people may need help to achieve this ability.
Please define what round trip efficiency the thermal storage can achieve.
Larger aircraft achieve stability through aerodynamics.
It can achieve resolutions as good as a laser printer.
The team has a variety of ideas about how to achieve this same effect in non-transgenic animals.
The problem with the ground-up theory is the huge speed required to achieve liftoff.
Its barrel was too short to achieve the range of standard infantry rifles.
Ninety-five percent of respondents agreed that social media have great potential to achieve important goals.
Even people who want the same goals, such as reasonable grading standards, might see different ways to achieve these.
To achieve cordiality, you should aim for friendliness.
These targets are then translated into personal goals that senior executives and other employees are expected to achieve.
If the negotiations try to achieve one, they will quickly return to deadlocked irrelevance.
If you can't achieve that, you may as well spend your money straight away.
Second and more importantly, equality of opportunity may be harder to achieve in an unequal society.
If that proves true, the drugs could achieve much of what a vaccine would.
Still it puzzles them that they are not been able to achieve victories.
One way it hopes to achieve this is through land reform.
The wearer starts by telling the computer what he is trying to achieve.
Even if they do not resort to outright default, they can always achieve partial default through currency depreciation.
Having worked tirelessly to achieve a position of gentlemanly respectability, neither a divorce nor an open affair was an option.
The only sign of resistance comes from fund managers, many of whom say their duty is simply to achieve the best returns.
Yet the cabinet's decree has united his often fractious opponents and so far failed to achieve its objective.
Challenges always arise, so it is all about how you handle the situation and persevere to achieve your goals.
Without public support, you cannot achieve anything.
To achieve perfect layers in your rolls, carefully arrange each ingredient and wrap the rice paper tightly.
To achieve a centered yolk, one must rotate the egg while cooking it.
We are working with policy makers to achieve a secure, affordable and environmentally responsible energy future for our nation.
Fellowships can help achieve the necessary experience.
Posting here about your frustration isn't going to achieve much.
It is fine to imagine a complex system, constructed by an engineer, that could achieve some semblance of metabolism.
Seems the troll accomplished what he set out to achieve.
Safety comes first, and it is increasingly difficult to achieve.
And often it took much longer to achieve the effects than people had planned.
The spoils go to the resolute, the patient, who know what they are pursuing and how to achieve it.
The truly gifted at times achieve things that appear too soon, as it were.
Of course, formal diplomatic notes could achieve nothing.
And it's quite a hurdle for technology to achieve to match that level of usability.
Acting because of one's personal plight or to achieve glory are not pure motives.
The budgetary surpluses that took a decade to achieve were undermined virtually overnight.
He was hardly indifferent to the success he could achieve, but it was not a matter of profit alone.
It isn't going to instantaneously scale up to a robust multiprocessing data path and achieve high instructions per clock.
The question is one of efficiency: how long would you need to expose a sample to achieve the desired improvement in resolution.
Those that don't achieve early success give up on trying to create that viral video.
To achieve faster transmission speeds, researchers are exploring ways to actively compensate for dispersion.
It's the first robot to achieve liftoff that's modeled on a fly and built on such a small scale.
Exploit evolution and there is little you cannot achieve.
What's impressive about this technique is the data rate they achieve.
But with good ideas and savvy tactics, you can still achieve your retirement goals.
It is foolhardy to venture predictions about what science will achieve this century.
The really big question now is whether sport can achieve good on a scale previously unimagined.
Sometimes the only way to achieve that is by killing an ally.
Time after time, experts have estimated a maximum possible life expectancy that any human population could achieve.
We share some common objectives and should seek peaceful ways to achieve our goals.
They achieve this, primarily, not by emulating real-world activities but by emulating other games.
Plotting a sound course of action is the easiest way to achieve your goals this week.

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