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Improvements in the resolution and sensitivity achievable with ground-based telescopes led to the present discovery.
We find ourselves calling for the impossible goal of ending evil instead of the achievable one of containing it.
Make sure it's achievable and has the potential to contribute new knowledge.
My research plans are clear and should be achievable in an average lab.
The conventional wisdom says that today's whittled-down pilot programs are all that is politically achievable.
There is no science funding without a healthy robust economy and that is only achievable through a free market system.
Timing down to the picosecond should be easily achievable.
The fastest known achievable speed is the speed of light in a vacuum.
It even leads to new predictions, but the experiments are not achievable at the moment.
The natural order of nature you want is only achievable by resuming a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
True superluminal velocities are not achievable through linear drive.
Long-term lifestyle changes require a combination of realistic expectations, internal motivation and achievable action plans.
The lollipops and unicorns world of health care you advocate is not achievable.
If people could be informed of the problem, then meaningful changes in diet may be achievable.
Uncomfortable survival may be achievable if all of the necessary adjustments are somehow quickly implemented.
The wild performance claims are dependent on the parallelism achievable for specific applications.
Those people work to make that a reality through positive thinking that the goal is achievable by them.
If growing cities were designed at all, desirable objectives might be achievable.
Today, the military insists on being given a definite, achievable goal before launching a mission.
To avoid panic, set achievable goals and tasks that will keep your mind calm and organized.
The experiences of two patients now suggest to many scientists that a cure may be achievable even if it is years away.
The country's experience in converting to renewable power shows rapid progress is achievable, but also highlights the price.
The software keeps the user within the bounds of the achievable.
The other emphasises a confidence achievable only with unconditional support.
But it should seek a narrow, valuable and-if timed right-achievable concession.
It may be achievable technology compared to the hostility of space.
Perhaps the hoped-for cost savings were simply not achievable.
But they work best when clearly defined and with an achievable end.
And austerity plans may not be achievable without ripping vital public services to shreds.
Now, it's not impossible that some increase in research spending is achievable.
It is designed to generate practical, achievable ideas for improving the health and well-being of people living in cities.
Readily achievable means easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense.
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