accusing in a sentence

Example sentences for accusing

He emphasizes that he is not accusing anyone of deliberately falsifying evidence.
The article lists several lifeforms being sent, why don't you look them up before accusing.
There's never going to be any healing going on until people get done scapegoating, accusing, and blaming.
The laws also contain no penalties or disincentives for copyright holders to avoid falsely accusing others of infringement.
But some people are already accusing it of excessive secrecy and being too ambitious about the changes it proposes.
Hundreds of protesters attempted to storm the presidential palace, accusing the authorities of negligence.
They were freed after another channel agreed to broadcast a video accusing the government of aiding a rival gang.
He was obviously out of control, accusing her of misplacing a page of an original manuscript that she had been typing for him.
Administrators there have responded by accusing the professor of a pattern of inappropriate speech and behavior.
Accusing someone of this almost certainly gets you fired if you are wrong.
Of course, plausible deniability leads to them accusing us of being thin-skinned or unable to take a joke.
Now the accusing glance goes in the opposite direction.
The dwarf chuckled contentedly, and went on with his accusing history of my career.
Nobody is making the argument that you are accusing them of making.
So before you start accusing people of not being vaccinated get your facts.
While accusing me of being a debunker folks, you should understand that you can't be a debunker without bunk to debunk.
The fake skeptics were accusing scientists of cooking the books.
Psychologists and other academics are similarly divided, with each camp accusing the other of twisting data to suit an agenda.

Famous quotes containing the word accusing

Everyone wants to be innocent at all costs, even if that means accusing the human race and the heavens.... more
God is the solitude of men. There was only me: I alone decided to commit Evil; alone, I invented Good. I am the one who ... more
In dream you appeared (Three times in nine years) Wild, cold, and accusing. I woke shamed and angry: The po... more
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