accuser in a sentence

Example sentences for accuser

Conspiracy theories swirl but government ministers have denied any link with the accuser.
They allow the use of hearsay evidence, which similarly deprives the defendant of an opportunity to cross-examine his accuser.
The new guidance requires that the accuser and the accused have the same rights.
And often, but not always, the self-sacrificing honesty of the accuser has rendered him immune to retaliation.
If the alleged facts are true, the motive of the accuser is irrelevant.
By not allowing a student to remain anonymous the school setup the accuser as target for retaliation.
Reconciliation, confront the accuser and have the proceeding handled by a third party judge.
In order to defend him or herself, the physician or other licensee has a right to face their accuser.

Famous quotes containing the word accuser

Come to terms quickly with your accuser while you are on the way to court with him, or your accusermore
I condemn Christianity. I raise against the Christian church the most terrible accusation that any accuser ... more
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