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Six officers have been suspended after being accused of mistreating suspects last year, the police said.
Already this year, he has backed two ministers accused of shady dealings, both of whom subsequently resigned.
The authorities have been accused of sacrificing those provinces to protect the capital's affluent business districts.
No one has ever accused me of being extravagant, but buying this exquisite little urn came close.
He was accused of hyperbole but seems, rather, to have been guilty of understatement.
My brother, the graphic designer, accused me of being visually illiterate.
During their terms, hundreds of ex-soldiers accused of atrocities have been arrested.
The two defendants are accused of conspiracy to commit computer fraud.
It had also been accused of incentivizing doctors for prescribing these drugs for unapproved uses via kickbacks.
The government in turn has accused critics of misinterpreting and mischaracterizing the law to generate fear about it.
Each side routinely accused the other of provocations.
He was first accused of this around two years ago by prosecutors he had chosen himself.
The accused were then made to walk around in ever-decreasing circles until their intestines wrapped the trunk.
The center staff has also been accused of inflating their reported breeding counts in order to boost their grant revenue.
Consumer groups accused the department of caving in to industry.
Some of the accused are leaders in the scientific community or government advisers.
Navy sonar has been accused of harming the hearing of large marine mammals such as whales and dolphins.
Two main reasons are greed and defensive medicine to avoid being accused of missing something.
The agency accused the company of hiding information on public health threats.
No one accused him of neglecting what was obtainable.
He has been accused of carelessness and wilfulness in rime, perhaps unfairly.
He that minds his business at home will not be accused of taking part in the fray.
The court tried the accuser quite as much as the accused.
Corruption is ubiquitous, and the government has been accused of authoritarianism.
Fans of sustainability can be accused of jumping on the bandwagon.
Law students don't usually represent other students who are accused of breaking the law.
He acknowledged that he took the case for money and out of his friendship with the accused's father.
If you can't prevent the problems, you are accused of being incompetent.
He was no longer accused of being noncompliant or a malingerer.
Some have even accused me of making the whole thing up.
What you did was rather rude, and by saying such things you have revealed that you are exactly what you accused him of being.
He was a successful lawyer, but no one has ever accused him of being a deep thinker.
Meanwhile the names of the accusers are often protected while the names of the accused are not.
They are not accused of falsifying the cause of the warming.
He is accused of immorality and praised as a spokesman for science and rationality in human affairs.
He has been alternately praised and decried as a cruel portraitist, but he can never be accused of showing mercy to himself.
We never clothed him with those attributes of dignity which gentlemen have accused us of ascribing to him.
Witnesses accused each of using money to secure votes.
He accused her of financial opportunism and forbade the marriage.
The fashion world is commonly accused of taking itself too seriously.
The next call was about a fight with her boyfriend, who had accused her of sleeping with the famous sculptor.
For a candidate to stand accused of exaggerating his youthful drug use is something new indeed.
She has been captured and has been accused of being a spy.
During the years that followed, no one could have accused her of playing it safe with typecasting.
For the second time in less than three years, he's being accused by his employees of being dangerously out of touch.
From the beginning, the accuser was of considerably less interest than the accused.

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