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But they probably think the accusation is ill-timed.
For an accusation so strong, you need to have the data and sources to back it up.
But no evidence to support the accusation has ever emerged.
Indeed, at the bottom of the sheet sat his accusation.
Partly, the accusation was that they secretly envied a numerical rigour to which they could not possibly aspire.
Nor is it a publicity stunt, he argues, answering an accusation that's been raised.
Tanner denied the motion, ruling he had told the jury not to consider the accusation.
By the way, there is no accusation that the coal companies did anything wrong here.
It helps a lot in dealing with the accusation that science is merely a belief system.
His confirmation should also survive the accusation that he is a racist.
Cite the information for which you make this accusation.
The accusation struck at his personal integrity, and the credibility of the country.
The accusation of time-wasting may in fact be unfair.
The accusation does not, as yet, seem likely to derail his campaign.
The firm says it doesn't understand that accusation.
The accusation is that they aren't getting the monetary policy right.
However, that accusation doesn't stand up to much scrutiny either.
And after the first coffee-hurling accusation was reported, another emerged.
Noteworthy is the lack of accusation of fraud or illegal behavior.
Heavens, what in that editorial would make one sling that accusation.
All this would be lost in the event of a false accusation of misconduct.
For the record, one semi-opinionated short post dated six years ago is a weak riposte to an accusation of persistent bias.
If you are a gamer of any sort, you should be repulsed by this sort of accusation.
Any website can be censored under the accusation of stealing some intellectual property.
She, too, turns her direction into a posture and her failings into an accusation.
The central incident here-the necktie, the accusation of trafficking-came from her.
But each accusation has come with an entirely plausible defense.
Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.
To travel, unescorted, as some reformers did was to increase the risk of accusation.
Every sentence was an accusation, and every accusation a truth.
There was no acrimonious exchange of accusation of the sort one might have expected.
If there was ever any truth to that accusation, it is fast disappearing.
From the residents comes the familiar accusation that the immigrants are taking jobs.
Long before that, there is the history of blood accusation, pogrom and expulsion.
It is unlikely that anyone will come out of the present farrago of accusation and counter-accusation looking good.
But now he faces an accusation that he hacked into a computer illegally.
Cope denied the accusation, but was unable to be reached for comment by either newspaper.
The accusation was incendiary: that scientists had grossly exaggerated the case for global warming by manipulating their data.
Physicists detest the accusation of engaging in speculative philosophy, although they deserve it in this instance.
If accusation is correct they will continue to do so until it is not profitable.
Second, to your accusation of me being defensive: you appear to have a low threshold for using that term.
There's a bunch of malicious bad-faith built into that accusation.
Even if it isn't, the potential for such an accusation is there.
Her coxcomb of tough, spiky hair shivered as she launched into a torrent of accusation.
But that is precisely the accusation leveled at the experience of reading imaginative fiction.
By now it had become quite clear what this accusation heralded.
Accusation was nonetheless the air all parties were by then breathing.
It can serve as convenient camouflage for bitter accusation.
The accusation would sound comical if it weren't tragic.
The licensees identified in each accusation have not had a public hearing or been found guilty of any charges.
It's quite gutless to make an accusation and not back it up with facts or references.

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