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Make sure your scores are entered correctly and the math is correct, then respond that the grade was accurately calculated.
Economic behavior can be accurately predicted through elegant models.
It is not easy to calculate accurately the likelihood of disasters.
We must perform additional testing to accurately determine your deep ancestral lineage.
We will make every effort to make sure all changes accurately reflect the copy instructions provided.
When no eye movement was involved, they were able to gauge the duration of display of the first digit more accurately.
The prosecutor, and the locals who want the case brought, realize that nobody can accurately predict earthquakes.
The more samples that are collected, the more accurately the researchers can estimate what the entire archive holds.
Borrow a few tips from big-game hunters and golfers to learn how to gauge distances a little more accurately.
Strep cannot be accurately diagnosed by symptoms or a physical exam alone.
The scores simply do not do what they are said to do: accurately predict performance in college for all groups.
Answer the questions asked by the calculator tools as accurately as possible.
Other radioactive isotopes can be used to accurately date objects far older.
Read the answers and put a check mark next to each topic the student covered accurately.
Sceptics doubt that predicting the weather more accurately will make herders more efficient.
The results mark the first time scientists were able to accurately estimate the weight of a dinosaur's head.
Such a moving image depicting a world that is so difficult to accurately capture.
Or calculate faculty compensation much more accurately.
Too often, environmentalists go with the easy targets before accurately appraising the full picture.
And if they were spotted, they couldn't be accurately identified.
They more accurately judged the emotions of a partner during a hypothetical job interview.
If the movie succeeded in doing anything, it was accurately portraying my favorite carnivorous dinosaur.
While potential conflicts of interest are disconcerting, they mean little if voting machines can be trusted to count accurately.
It does not accurately represent the increases in costs experienced by everyone.
With this third rule added, the model accurately reproduced the dynamics of dense crowds as well as those of sparser ones.
The acoustic technology, however, does not yet allow the scientists to accurately estimate exactly how many whales they heard.
The validity of this research will depend upon how accurately participants are recording their input.
Doing that accurately and consistently is a far more daunting proposition.
The second was that the more nutritionally valuable a resource is, the more accurately its location will be remembered.
Please submit images that accurately reflect the captured moment in time.
Hammerhead populations are not accurately known, but appear stable worldwide, and they are not considered threatened.
The story was modified to accurately state the number of subscription plans available.
He questions whether conditions in the study accurately reflect those found in nature.
And since there is currently no way to accurately determine the age of such inorganic objects, the mystery will likely continue.
Scientists have until now failed to date the fossils accurately.
They're all accurately hand silk-screened on the sphere's interior surface for long lasting protection.
Animals can sense the environment more accurately than satellites.
The point is that nobody can accurately predict the outcome of any genuinely creative venture.
Fuel duty has also served as a useful environmental weapon, since it accurately targets a pollutant and changes behaviour.
He accurately presented a complex program with clarity and thoroughness.
They underrate them or overrate them, and rarely judge them accurately.
Lasers were mostly used as sensors and for precision munitions targeting to get exactly what you're aiming at more accurately.
Many veteran clerks can spot regulars a block away and can accurately predict their order to the amazement of wide-eyed newbies.
If you don't have the tools to say what you mean accurately and precisely, you can't have the thought.
Yes, it is random in the short term and impossible to predict accurately.
The bomb he released, sighted on a bridge, turned out to be accurately placed.
So far, no media player has accurately recorded voice or tunes in the same way as a dedicated recording player.
Whether they can accurately forecast things, no one knows for sure.
When you plan, be sure you accurately estimate how much time you need to accomplish the task.
Yet earthquakes cannot be predicted accurately enough to know when people should be evacuated.
Ask for a show of hands for those students who accurately predicted the story topic based on the vocabulary.
Also suckers cannot manipulate anything as small as a needle accurately.
Your icy reception, if accurately related here, is unfortunate.
But studies have shown that electronic voting machines are less reliable than paper ballots in accurately counting votes.
The calculator uses your zip code to more accurately estimate your energy use.
Once one column has been accurately simulated, the researchers will try to replicate several neocortical columns.
Her mission is to accurately portray cultures through cuisine.
The ancestors of primates needed to accurately judge the distances between tree branches before taking a leap, so the theory went.
Somehow they can discover their compatibility quite accurately during a series of courtship dances.
If you don't have the tools to say what you mean accurately and precisely, you might as well not have the thought.
But, these issues are complex and not accurately answered by conflations on either side.
Sideline test accurately detects athletes' concussions in minutes.
The study found players were able to make their decisions faster, and more accurately, then those who didn't play action games.
Unlike television or newspaper ads, the return on investment from a direct-mail campaign can be accurately measured.
To perform his task accurately, the projectionist relies on cue marks.
Your article accurately presented the essence of my argument, but mentioned two criticisms that are unpersuasive.
More accurately, they have been practically non-existent.
No one knows quite how he made them, and they have proved impossible to replicate accurately-and to fake.
Suppose the earnings yield accurately predicts the return to be expected on equities.
It is impossible to determine the shares accurately.
The shots from the dynamite gun made a terrific explosion, but they did not seem to go accurately.
The progress of the enemy was pretty accurately known.
Touch-typing has also been revamped to receive user input more accurately.
The photos more accurately portray how the oceans and continents appear from the ground.
Every tiny movement is accurately captured in vivid motion and color.
Or, more accurately, whether any normal human has enough devices to warrant all those pockets.
Their goal is to capture enough data to accurately predict future tornadoes.
It could more accurately be called a slow, claustrophobic crime melodrama with a lot of talk.
In truth, this image more accurately reflects self-esteem than physical appearance.
Based on these patterns, the researchers were able to accurately predict the neural signature of formerly untested scents.
Therefore, the replacement solutions being developed today are more accurately described as oxygen carriers.
They can accurately strike at up to one-third their body length.
They're loaded with accurately researched trails, recreation information, and detailed topography.
Locations of lifesaving stations, lighthouses and lightships, along with navigational beacons are accurately marked.
But until now, simulations of the explosion weren't good enough to accurately reproduce the asymmetrical blast and its effects.
It would have to show that it could accurately convert the sound of spoken language to typed-up text.
It is doubtful that either of these statistics accurately reflects the gap between taxes paid and the cost of services provided.
Let's devise an empirical test to see if this accurately characterizes the ideology.
Nevertheless, they deserve to be accurately described.
Planning firebreaks and other preventive measures depends on accurately predicting a fire's path.
He is misusing the term precisely because putting things more accurately would rob him of his point.
Or, more accurately, sugar made from genetically modified beets.
Diagram used by offensive coaches as a guide for how to run routes accurately.
He also developed the first lighting cues that could accurately imitate candlelight.
But it might more accurately be called the revolt of the retired.
The quotes from it, though accurately transcribed, are made to function as lies by being placed in an utterly mendacious context.
For the first time, he says, publishers will be able to accurately calculate initial print runs.
It is, more accurately, a provocation-a show of theatrical fireworks to enlighten our darkness.
Neither disciplinarian nor interventionist accurately describes it.
Cosmologists think they understand this structure well and have accurately simulated how it came into being.
Most augmented-reality systems must be able to orient themselves accurately in order to function reliably.
The farther the vowel is from an anchor, however, the blurrier the ruler becomes and the less accurately the sound is perceived.
But nobody is quite sure whether this output from one hologram can be accurately channelled into the input for another.
They can examine, for example, how accurately telomere length can predict longevity or healthy aging.
Obviously, smaller tiles can more accurately model a given shape, which should improve the performance of a cloak.
One problem with these techniques is knowing how accurately they work.
Users can designate referees to monitor their progress and make sure they are reporting it accurately.
Spin is often thought to be synonymous with falsehood or lying, but more accurately it is indifference to the truth.
But in whatever manner our vote is submitted, it must be accurately counted the first time and not be subject to interpretation.
We wanted to share something that defined us accurately and didn't have to do with terrorism.
Although the original quote was accurately reported, it was incorrectly attributed.
Our problem is electricity, or more accurately, the lack of it.
The simulator measures how fast, accurately and aggressively the driver follows the route.
In that essay he asked why nature is so accurately described by mathematics.
But jumping spiders can accurately pounce onto their prey without moving their heads.
First, you have not accurately quoted the article to which you have linked.
One of the toughest problems in the study of rock art is accurately dating it.
Its wide protruding eyes probably give it good vision, and allow it to accurately spot its landing positions.
Diaries she has kept since childhood show she remembers accurately, too.
Moreover, our results demonstrate that the study of deep ascending genealogies can accurately reveal population structure.
It accurately describes the magnitude of the twin injustices in the administration of our criminal law.
The cladding of irregular quartzite blocks has been cut so accurately that no mortar was needed to hold them together.
Catching the category accurately should concern us less than its expansion and its extent.

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