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At the same time, his references are precise and accurate.
Our economic outlook, for example, proved reasonably accurate.
The new program will produce a unified, and hopefully, more accurate sales estimate.
He advises checking with an accurate instant-read thermometer.
Incomplete reporting further complicates accurate assessment.
The drawings of Greece are rich with authentic detail, offering an interesting and accurate view of village life.
All 497 wood carvings are life-size and biologically accurate.
The calculations are especially accurate for the simplest atom, hydrogen, which consists of just one proton and one electron.
Econometrics attempts to develop accurate economic forecasting and to make possible successful policy planning.
It has an accurate history that brings you back to life during the 1940s.
We seem to put a lot of value on having an accurate memory.
The takeaway here is that the closer the seed company's climate is to yours, the more accurate the days-to-harvest will be.
Computing horsepower is not the only impediment to providing more accurate high-resolution forecasts.
Yet look in the periphery of such allegorical tales and you can find some surprisingly accurate vaticination.
They told me at the time that they were confident that the new methodology was more accurate, and they may well be right.
Forecasting models which added search data into the mix were much more accurate than those that did not.
Accurate systems for monitoring fires would therefore have enormous value.
What are, in effect, elaborate computer games might help tech firms spot trends and make more accurate forecasts.
His boast is probably too high-no accurate figures are available-but it certainly a sizeable chunk.
It is a compelling argument, but apparently not an accurate one.
The new system was playing up, and doctors did not have accurate medical records about their patients.
Supervisors and investors demand a track record of reasonably accurate judgments about credit quality.
For their purposes, the ratings didn't have to be accurate.
TV ratings go up when sluggers go for a record and pitchers throw faster and more accurate pitches.
Heterodoxy is not inherently instructive, accurate, or interesting.
And it's even harder to write a short, accurate headline.
But from time to time he uttered cynical maxims about academic work and life that have turned out to be accurate.
Unfortunately, the chosen metrics do not always offer an accurate picture of our campuses.
What you want to try and do is write a history that reflects an accurate account of the region.
The ranking criteria and the concepts used are innovative and fairly accurate.
Without proper attention, he said, they don't have an accurate picture of overseas regulations or in-country demand.
Again, the more you rate, the more accurate the preferences are.
The real question isn't whether or not this guy made an accurate prediction.
The orderly and accurate division of cells is vital to the survival of all living things.
Receivers, in contrast, contain inexpensive and therefore less accurate clocks.
By using of these conditions, an accurate measurement will be obtained.
Such inventions might make possible, among other things, far more accurate genetic and diagnostic tests.
Problem was, the accurate timepieces of the day were pendulum clocks, which aren't accurate on a ship pitching and rolling at sea.
The depth sensor does makes facial recognition more accurate, because it can determine the three-dimensional shape of your face.
In general, the translators of the heyday were accurate neither in word nor in shape.
But where no abstract idea governs her she can be direct, accurate, and convincing.
He gave the name to his accurate, faithful and loving observation of nature.
The citizens were all friendly to him and his cause, and could and did furnish him with accurate reports of our every move.
They wished to be certain that these quotations were both accurate and armored against challenge.
Their fiction was more credible and their background more accurate.
Singular had once the strong meaning that unique has still in accurate but not in other writers.
Colonialism is also susceptible of accurate definition.
The town is not going to be moved because of the more accurate readings.
Better research, including accurate tracking of the fish at sea, is one key to solving the mystery.
Furthermore, some of the tests of the cats' behavior may not have given an accurate accounting of the cats' personality.
Radiocarbon dating of the drawings or nearby bear bones may provide a more accurate estimate of when these ancient artists lived.
Although the article is accurate regarding meteor showers, the picture is not.

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