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Pendulums, springs, tuning forks and piezoelectric crystals have all been pressed into service with varying degrees of accuracy.
In many ways, myths cannot really be translated with any accuracy from their native soil—from their own place and time.
Heavy media coverage and folk beliefs are not equivalent to accuracy.
We strive to maintain the accuracy of all information presented here, and we encourage readers to help us in that effort.
There has been a gain of accuracy, but a serious loss of vigour.
In the end, the accuracy of all such sources becomes dubious.
Peer review does not guarantee quality or accuracy.
The prose is stilted, the plot hackneyed and both dialogue and settings pay little attention to historical accuracy.
It is impossible to answer your question with any degree of accuracy.
Success will be assessed by the accuracy and completeness of the archive.
The colorful lobby paintings make no attempt at accuracy.
The picture of the artillery unit is yet to be identified with complete accuracy.
Something tells me they might not get too hung up on temporal accuracy.
Accuracy was of extreme important, but so was making the painting visually appealing to visitors.
He is right to emphasize the fright factor over accuracy.
The bonus structure heavily favors accuracy over speed.
But it gives warning that, due to problems with the studies used, the real accuracy rate is probably much lower.
Once all the data are in, an earthquake's depth can be worked out with reasonable accuracy.
How much the participants liked the food did not have an effect on this accuracy.
All economic statistics face a trade-off between timeliness and accuracy.
It will be years, for instance, before the accuracy of the stability index can be judged.
Start with consumption, the side of the equation that can be forecast with some accuracy.
Hence the doubts, husbanded by many eager sceptics, about their accuracy.
Critics, though, worry about the programme's accuracy.
The cost of this simplicity is geographical accuracy.
Moreover, several techniques are inherently unreliable, having traded speed and simplicity for accuracy.
Rainwater and river flows can be measured with some accuracy.
What the local gunmen lack in accuracy they make up for in enthusiasm.
Now a new industry standard promises to be able to identify pirated material with phenomenal accuracy in a matter of seconds.
University probes accuracy of leaked climate e-mails.
When you've watched the ads, please rate their accuracy and effectiveness and compare your views to those of other users.
When you have watched the clips, rate the answers for accuracy and effectiveness.
His translation is not marred by the timid accuracy and awkwardness which distinguish the modern crib.
The principle of relativity must therefore apply with great accuracy in the domain of mechanics.
Complexity had extended itself on immense horizons, and arithmetical ratios were useless for any attempt at accuracy.
These priests carried astronomical science to a high level of accuracy.
But it were an injustice to their achievement to demand accuracy.
In his political zeal he was not always scrupulous as to historical accuracy.
But his robust good sense, his regard for strict accuracy and his determination to be understood, make him an interesting writer.
Such imaginative power is in no sense incompatible with minute accuracy.
Yet, observe, with exquisite accuracy as far as she reaches.
There currently are no clear federal measures in place, however, to guarantee their quality and accuracy.
They help to check the accuracy of informational graphics, charts and tables.
But this x-ray machine has been augmented with x-ray diffraction technology that increases the machine's accuracy.
He took great care to ensure accuracy and had a gift for depicting the three-dimensionality and movement of molecules.
The measurement of the overflow water volume is possible with enough accuracy.
The new field tests will check its performance and accuracy in harsh volcanic locales.
But its scans and copies were the best of the bunch, with nearly dead-on color accuracy in scanned images.
Accuracy is a problem, but pressure sensitivity is an even bigger one.
Every detail had to be checked and re-checked for accuracy.
They also cut an avenue that was oriented with surprising accuracy to the rising of the sun on the summer solstice.
The work marks one of the first tests of the models' accuracy predicting rainfall, the team says.
Our executive series features a richly colored antique style that delivers incredible detail and accuracy.
Once the layers are combined, the map is checked for accuracy.
We take great pride in knowing that nothing appears in the magazine without being checked for accuracy and balance.
Sometimes the editor might suggest a change that went a bit further, to improve clarity or accuracy, say.
Privacy laws don't prevent someone from verifying the accuracy of a medical note addressed to them.
The academic units were not allowed to have any input into what the metrics were or to provide or even check accuracy of the data.
Entertainment comes while checking the accuracy of the translation.
Yet concerns over the encyclopedia's accuracy and consistency remain.
We had no reason to doubt our yardstick's approximate accuracy.
His accuracy and skill in this work were readily appreciated, and he found all the employment he wanted.
It requires dedication to discovering truth in such cases, and a certain investment in the idea that accuracy matters.
People close to me confirm the accuracy of the artist's insights.
With a nod of his head he confirmed the accuracy of the messenger's words.
As selected specimens of humanity, magnified by the cruel accuracy of a microscope, they have also been seen by all.
Many historians would challenge her here on grounds of historical accuracy.
The accuracy of his measurements has never been challenged, and many other observers have confirmed his results.
One doesn't have to read the following account as truth to recognize the accuracy of the portrait.
The results are not entirely encouraging the trade off between the accuracy of the recommendations and privacy is always apparent.
Since text often persists over many frames, the software also looks for text similarity among frames to increase accuracy.
As her speed and accuracy improve, the sounds come faster, the sequences grow longer.
Researchers still need to run countless computations to determine the accuracy of a protein's three-dimensional structure.
To hone the system's accuracy, they are now trying to identify the compounds exhaled by lung patients.
It is impressive that our computers are so accurate-but that accuracy is a house of cards.
When put to the test, your brain remembers images with astonishing accuracy.
Early in their careers, the duo spent seven years writing software that would let them nail down the wobble with accuracy.
The trick is launching the virtually weightless fly to a distant spot with deadeye accuracy.
The position change plus some high school trigonometry gives the star's distance with great accuracy.
It's a series of puzzles and problems that test an astronaut's response time and accuracy.
Joking aside, that is some pretty sick accuracy there.
There's a developing scientific field designed to address such difficult questions with a new degree of confidence and accuracy.
And it means blitz-reading papers and writing quickly without losing any accuracy.
They all reflect the human condition with creepy accuracy.
We don't go to such films in search of full factual accuracy.
Insurance companies' fortunes are directly tied to the accuracy of their environmental-risk projections.
As the war drags on, the intensity and accuracy of those attacks has increased.
He was a surgeon, picking apart defenses with almost flawless accuracy.

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