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As long as people are given a handout they will not exert themselves, or become accountable and responsible for their own actions.
Let the legal system do it's job and hold anyone involved accountable.
The members are elected by no one and are accountable to no one.
The record that e-mail creates can also make brokers more accountable.
Onlookers question whether the shifting media landscape leaves higher education less accountable.
People are always personally accountable for their behavior.
We should do this right, and hold bankers accountable for their actions.
Student life needs certain autonomy and cannot be organized educationally as strictly accountable activities.
Through the courts, you might say, managers are held accountable to society at large.
Someone should be held accountable for these needless deaths.
Bush must hold his own defense secretary accountable.
Accountable for developing, tracking, managing and reporting on budget for each program.
One of the benefits of an authoritarian system is not being accountable to voters.
These studies should have been done years ago and the auto sector needs to be held accountable for many of our problems.
The fact remains that only the messenger with the bad news has so far been held accountable for his actions.
There is little disputing the need for higher education to be transparent and accountable.
The first is the need to make mayors more powerful, and also more accountable.
Corporate offenders of all nations who refuse to reverse their current practices must be held accountable.
Anytime you are having to be accountable to someone else, your chances for success improve.
He's not pushing for the bureau to be more accountable to voters.
We must punish them: since they alone are accountable for the damages already done.
He's pushing for it to be more accountable to the financial industry.
It needs to be about holding the food system and our government accountable.
In a democracy, he argues, an administration should be held accountable to voters for its actions and policies.
The cabinet will therefore be more powerful, and more accountable.
The authorities who set up this tragedy because of sheer greed are accountable.
He is still alive and should be held accountable for it.
Each must learn to hold one's self accountable for one's own success or failure, despite any obstacles.
We also pride ourselves on being accountable and responsive to our donors.
New programmes should be transparent and accountable.
Someone needs to keep these people accountable for their actions.
As such, the distinction between who blogs and who is accountable for the blog posts is not that clear-cut as it may seem.
Some will complain that it is unfair to hold science accountable for the misdeeds of a minority.
Nor was the professor ever held accountable for his actions.
We strive to be accountable to both academic and community stakeholders.
Make sure that the whole unit knows they will be held accountable for this happening.
Hold parents more accountable for supporting their children.
But the scheme adds to doubts over the role of private-security firms in the war and efforts to hold contractors accountable.
He and his executives could help allay concerns about their papers' power by urgently demonstrating that they are accountable.
Meetings are a problem when no one is accountable for them.
Sceptics would rather the government concentrate on making teachers more accountable.
But there are problems with a locally accountable system.
If a local airport-security manager fails, everyone knows whom to hold accountable.
Teachers are not accountable for results or performance.
Still, the government has failed to hold armed contractors accountable.
When public investments are funded by aid, there is little incentive for politicians to be accountable to the people.
But it should soon be easier to hold officers accountable.
Also, a tight schedule equals less accountable concessions and public spending.
The parliament is elected but not truly accountable.
He must instead breathe life into the panchayats, the elected village councils supposedly accountable for local schemes.
It is rare that somebody, years later, can be held accountable for environmental impacts linked to past mining activity.
Everybody partakes, everybody confesses, yet none feels himself accountable.
When whistleblowers speak truth to power, they could finally hold employers accountable when they choose to retaliate.
As long as they are not held accountable for the damage they cause they will continue to cause it.
If he exists, they know they will have to live accountable to him.
If parents can be trained to accept what their children can do and hold the kids accountable, progress is possible.
The scientific community should be held accountable for not reacting more strongly to such ignorance.
Time will tell if their voters are willing to hold them accountable.
We need all citizens to hold our leaders accountable.
Governments, which are accountable to their electorates, should decide matters of public policy.
Supreme justices are appointed for life and accountable to no one.
They have proved bolder, more original and more accountable than appointed council leaders tend to be.
Only by making the police accountable to voters will this change, ministers say.
Clearly, administrators and elected officials need to be held accountable for any oversights.
If private-sector involvement is to work, it needs strong and accountable regulation.
Faculty members are being held accountable as never before for how well they serve students.
Another benefit of writing groups is that your writing group peers can hold you accountable for your work.
We are holding entrepreneurs accountable to the wrong milestones.
Earmark recipients, on the other hand, are only accountable to their sponsoring lawmaker.
The center should be accountable only to the world's poorest farmers, these critics say, not multinational biotechnology empires.
Moreover, game criticism may provide a means of holding the game industry more accountable for its choices.
As a result, doctors are being made more accountable than ever before to the public.
If hearings go on for years, the district leadership should be held accountable.

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